Scary Candy

I had to share my very GHOULISH  treat I picked up from an early morning gas station stop.

Isn’t it delightfully creepy?

My kids keep trying to steal it from me…like candy is for kids or something , right?

I think I might need it for my Halloween costume  (wink) .

What are you going to be?

Later Gators,


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4 comments on “Scary Candy

  1. Sandra Henderson says:

    I’ve got the PERFECT outfit I can send you from when my husband was sick and I “took care of him” lol Lord. You are a mess girl! lol
    (I’m serious about sending you my “outfit”) lol

  2. Sandra Henderson says:

    Not “outfit”. It’s a UNIFORM. Sounds better

  3. Sue says:

    That’s scary alright. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I would have been leery about trying that one out! You are brave 😀

  4. that is messed up! but lip smackin!

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