It’s Halloweenie Time

Happy Halloween!

The girls had their school Halloween Party on Friday because there is no school today.

I made  up some new halloween bags for the girls to carry their costumes and class treats in.

They can use them for trick or treating tonight too!

I had left over giftie bags that I made  last year so I just stuffed them with candy and pencils for the teachers.

  Monica from Happy Zombie designed the pattern. It’s  in last year’s Quilts N More magazine.

Here are my sugar pies in their costumes:

Minate is an Egyptian this year.

Patience is a Movie Star.

We had fun spooking up our porch yesterday for the trick or treaters!    We have the scarey sounds CD cued up and ready.

The BG likes to hand out the candy,  I take the girls around the neighborhood.

Bring on the candy =)

Have a safe and scarey night!

Later Gators,


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4 comments on “It’s Halloweenie Time

  1. Sandra Henderson says:

    You are the greatest MOM ever!!!!~
    so darned cute!~ all of it!~
    GORGEOUS girls! 🙂
    Have fun and be safe tonight!!!!~ enjoy, they sure are growing up fast!

  2. Sue says:

    Well your girls sure are cuties! I hope you all have a good time tonight. Those bags you made for your girls are too cute. And much better than plastic or paper bags 😀

    Have fun!

  3. Mary says:

    The girls are so cute all dressed up. They had great choices for their costumes!!!

    I love the bags for their goodies and I know their teachers were thrilled with theirs too.

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