the MORE pinkeep sale =)

The pinkeeps flew off the shelves yesterday!


So  I finished a couple more Needle Keeps  I had been working on and listed them in the SHOP.

They are really sweet to store your treasured buttons and needles, or to give to your favorite seamstress.

Click   Here   if you would like  one. =)

I am going to make a few more round wooly pin keeps next week sometime, but for now

The BG and I are  off to dinner with some of my old high school friends and then to  SWING DANCE class….FUN!!

Later gators,


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One comment on “the MORE pinkeep sale =)

  1. kaholly says:

    Swing dance class….what fun!!! I went to your etsy store and I was too late! They are precious, and I’m glad they sold quickly.

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