Happy Thanksgiving!

Popping in to wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving with all of your family and friends!

Eat, drink , and be merry.

My youngest daughter told me proudly last night that she knew how to cook the Thanksgiving turkey!

“I would sing it a song until it was nice and calm, and then I’d chop his head off!”


Later Gators,


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6 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Sandra Henderson says:

    Oh my gosh… you’ve just reminded me… they run in the paper here thoughts from kids on how to cook Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. lol IT’s hilarious! Lol Especially the little ones, so cute.
    She sounds like a real “charmer” lol
    Happy Thanksgiving! love your quilt!!!!
    Girl, you dance circles around most of us. But, I speak for myself, and I KNOW you do circles around ME. I can see where she gets her “charmer” bit from. 🙂 ENJOY! Hold on a little tighter… they sure are growing up FAST!

  2. Mary says:

    Ha…love that one. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. kaholly says:

    Sweet!! Happy Thanksgiving! ~karen

  4. Sue says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Melissa! How great that your daughter knows how to cook the turkey 😀 Give her the apron and the tools she needs and let her have at it 😀 !!


  5. dorothy weeks says:

    the best to you today and all thru the rest of this year

  6. karenlogcabinquilter says:

    What a cute turkey quilt. So befitting for today’s celebration.

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