Hellooooo 2012!

Happy brand new, fresh, squeaky clean  year to you!

I’m cleaning up the Christmas today.  It’s the longest I’ve kept the Christmas decor up, and I still feel a little unready to see it go.  But go it must!

The BG went back to work today after a nice long 11 day vacation and

the kids begin school again tomorrow.  I’d like a fresh slate, therefore they will be cleaning their room today too! Wish me luck with that. (wink)

Now let’s see….goals, goals goals, what are my New Year goals?

*hug and snuggle more

*drink more water

*dance more

*camp more.

There now…I’ve made mostly all fun (except drinking water..yuck)  goals so I will be sure to reach them! That’s how you make yourself feel really successful! hehehe

Mom and Dad came over New Years Day for dinner and company.  While my Dad and the BG watched the football game, Mom and I whipped up a little project

in my sewing room.

It’s called Stitchers Studio from  the Aug 2011 American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine.  I made mine in brights for my sewing room,

and mom made her’s in homespun for her sewing room.  I love the little sewing machine!

I think I will start and little mini quilt collection above my bookshelf here:

I’ve also been working on a buggy barn quilt.  Have you tried a buggy barn pattern?  I forgot how much fun they are.

You just chop it up into a picture shuffle the fabrics and sew it back together again!  So fun.

I’ve got quite a few more blocks to go and the sashing, but I’m just having fun with this one, no rush.

I listed a few more pinkeeps today at my Etsy shop.  I’ve had a few requests for more of the pinkeeps with woolen strawberries on top so I will work on those

this week!

Thanks for visiting!

Later gators,


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6 comments on “Hellooooo 2012!

  1. Sue says:

    Happy New Year to ya! Your little sewing project that you and your mom worked on is quite cute! I like the idea of a wall of little quilts. I need to do this in my sewing room….after I knock a few other things off the wall 😉

    Love your pinkeeps! I’ve sent a few people your Etsy way!

    Have a wonderful start to your new year!

  2. Mary says:

    Happy new year to you and your family, Melissa.

    I love your new little quilt for the sewing room. Very sweet! Yes, I have done the Buggy Barn stars and loved it.

  3. Leeanne says:

    Cute pinkeep. Yes Buggy Barn quilts are great I have made a few now.
    I have that magazine with the spools and sewing machine, now I’ve seen it in different fabric maybe I should make one for my studio!??

  4. sharon says:

    Happy New Year to you!! Love your pin keep and I clicked on your sewing room tour. Love it!!! Nice job.

  5. fiberdoodles says:

    I love Buggy Barn! I have several patterns but have yet to venture in. Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!!

  6. Michelle says:

    Those boats are so cute — and your bookshelf! It’s adorable.

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