Quilters Public Service Announcement

I’ve been meaning to do this little P.S.A. for quilters for awhile now.

It is about Free Motion Quilting woes.

(I am in no way associated with the companies I am recommending, I just like these and think you might too!

Although if these companies WANT to send me an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, I’ll take it. )

I was really starting to have a hard time free motion quilting a few months ago.  Frustration city!

I’ve quilted dozens of quilts, was I loosing my mind?

Then I took a look at my quilting gloves and noticed that the rubber had completely worn off!

Jeeesh! No wonder.  I didn’t have any gripping traction.

So friends,  if you are having a hard time free motion quilting, make sure you have a decent pair of quilting gloves, it really does make all the difference!

 There are plenty of types out there, but I like the ones with an all rubber palm. These are the kind  I like best:

While I was buying my new gloves I decided to try one of these:

STOP THE PRESSES!  This thing is amazing and it makes me so dang sad I didn’t buy this 20 quilts ago.

It’s a sheet of something (Teflon maybe?) that you cling to your machine bed and the quilt just glides like butter when you are free motion quilting!

Go get one.  Today!

I’ve been working on a new wool applique pattern using Barbara Brackman’s new line 1862 Battle Hymn.   It’s a really nice pallet.

They didn’t have yardage out yet when I was at the quilt shop, so I just did what they would have done in 1862 and made do with something else.

I was actually glad that I had to make do because it gave me the chance to break out this hand dyed cotton I have been hording for a few years.

It has the most wonderful texture and color, I just like touching it and haven’t wanted to cut into it. Silly!!

Back to work, Later Gators!



4 comments on “Quilters Public Service Announcement

  1. I never get to quilt shops anymore, so I love it when folks recommend things like this! thank you!
    Gosh, your quilt is gorgeous! Hope you are having a very Happy New Year so far! Im way behind commenting on your posts, but I do get the feed to them and read each one and enjoy each one. It’s been a very busy time here for us.

  2. Sue says:

    I have never used those gloves but sure do like my GrabARoos! Those are pretty amazing too.

    I have the Supreme Slider and couldn’t agree more about it’s wonderfulness! I love that thing!

    And where in the heck did you find Battle Hymn? Don’t tell me at The Hen House and I missed it? I really want to buy a bunch of the yardage so according to Barbara it will be out in a few days hitting the quilt shops too!

    So did you sign up for Jo’s Little Women?

    Your quilt you’re working on is sure lovely!

  3. Mary says:

    I can’t imagine doing FMQ without the slider AND good gloves. What a difference they make!

    Love the colors in your quilt. They are so soft and rich looking.

  4. Char says:

    You are so right! I bought the slider right after I got my machine and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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