Old Man Winter

Well it was bound to happen.

Winter has finally come to Michigan.

I kept telling the hubs that I REALLY deep down felt that we were going to get all the way to April with no real crazy cold/snow  winter.

“After 40 years of Michigan winters I can’t believe you would even set yourself up like that,” he said.

But I did.  I did set myself up like that.  Because when you can go out in just a sweatshirt in Michigan all the way to January 12th….that’s crazy.

So now we are covered in snow, and I am day dreaming all day long about when I can get back out into my Shasta and start camping.

I’ve told you before I have crafter’s A.D.D.

In between day dreams of the Shasta and designing some new patterns I have been tinkering with little crafts that make me happy and make me think of spring to come.

 I stopped in the middle of making a civil war quilt yesterday  and made this little wooden spool doo-dad to hold my cross stitch scissors:

Then this afternoon while I was sewing I kept looking at these little ruler boxes I made for my mom and I.

Ohhhhh!  I thought.  I can make a  mini diorama! Remember those?

The other one I just stuck a pincushion in, my Pinocchio tape measure and some sewing supplies.:

Okay enough distracting myself, I need get back to my quilt.  Wish me luck!

Later Gators,


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7 comments on “Old Man Winter

  1. Oh I hear you. I too was hopeful that we’d have a extremely mild winter here in MI. I too keep dreaming (obsessing) about my little Shasta. *Sigh*…hurry up spring!

    Kelle (LittleVintageTrailer.com)

  2. Julie Letvin says:

    What cute little projects – love your little diorama! Winter finally found us too – we had about 5″ of snow yesterday and it’s still flurrying out there!

  3. Roberta says:

    You sure are not wasting any of your talent..I love these!

  4. Sue says:

    Well you sure know how to keep yourself busy. I’m working on a little Civil War quilt too from Kathleen Tracy’s Prairie Children Book.

    I thought Old Man Winter was gonna hit us hard in March when we are all dreaming of spring. How much snow did you get? We have about 2 inches 😦

    Those little projects of yours are so cute!

  5. KittyAnn says:

    I love all the things you’ve made! Soooo creative and cute to boot! I was having the same weather thoughts as you, we wearing shorts where I live just last week here in southeastern NC. Then, last night, the wind came screaming down from the north and brought freezing rain and temps. Was no fun going to work this morning! I’m so glad the weekend is here and I can hunker down with my sewing and stuff!

  6. Jean says:

    Oh, how I remember Michigan winters waiting for the school bus! Brrrrrrr!

  7. My Emma loves the ruler box! what beautiful colors you filled it with!

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