Oh Annie…

you are too cute for words!

Thanks to Sharon posting about her love for Raggedy Ole Annies,  I am now the proud owner of

this adorable sugar booger.  She came in the mail today.

I’m in love.♥

Oh no!! Now I want another one.

I finished my civil war quilt and sent it off to the quilter today, so for now I am going to work on

pin cushions for the shop and stare at my new dolly.

Have a lovey day!


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3 comments on “Oh Annie…

  1. Pieceful Quilting says:

    Wow, she really is a cutie! I just love rag dolls. what an adorable little face she has.

    Your pincushions are just awesome. Hope you sell a whole bunch of them.

  2. Kelle says:

    “Sugar booger” HA HA! I’ve never heard that term before (: She’s adorable!

  3. Mary says:

    She is darling!

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