Scrappy Patchy Pin Keep Tutorial

Here’s a fun way to use up some scraps!

1.  Use some neutral fabric scrap to make a foundation.  Cut this piece whatever shape or size you want your pincushion to be,  just make sure to account for seam allowance.

I wanted my pin cushion to be a rectangle around 3 x 6, so I cut my foundation piece 4 x 7.

please don’t mind my grubby cutting mat, you don’t know what kinds of things I get up to on this thing….CRAFTING things!!!

2. Dig out your scraps!  This is liberatingly imprecise  so just go with me.  Cut your first 2  scrap piece 4 x whatever ( I suggest 1 1/2 -2 1/2 for all or your pieces)

One scrap you need to press about 1/4 inch wrong sides together

Ewww grungy ironing board too! Time to make a new one. It’s because I work so hard sewing all day people…it really is.

Now lay your first scrap piece (the unpressed one) on your foundation, and overlap the pressed piece on top.  You can lay this as straight or as crooked as you would like.

I am doing a crooked version so I lay my pressed piece on a slight diagonal.

Now you can pin if you like, if you wouldn’t like   just walk this over to your machine and sew as close to the edge as you can comfortably do.

Dear heavens you don’t realize how dusty/painty/thread-y  everything is until you try to take close up’s for a tutorial.  Next tutorial I will have sparkling clean EVERYTHING!!

3. You are now going to continue cutting scraps but from now on they need to be about 5 x whatever if you are laying them out on a diagonal.  If you are doing a straight layout you can keep cutting them at 4 x whatever.

So press your next piece,  lay it on, sew, then flip and trim.

Continue in this manner:

Until you reach the end of your foundation piece.

I sewed a little twill tape on mine you can too!

4.  Cut a backing the same size as your foundation piece (mine was 4 x 7)  and sew it up right sides together.

I am putting mine inside a box so I sewed all the way around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, but if yours is going to be free standing you may want to leave an opening for turning that you whip stitch closed after stuffing.

5. As I mentioned above my back side wont be showing….so I took a seam ripper and carefully made a slit in the bottom piece, turned right side out, stuffed, then whip stitched the opening closed.

I stuck mine in a little ruler box with some cute doo dads attached.

Here is  a 3 x 3 I made using 30’s prints:

You could make round ones, fat ones, skinny ones…the possibilities are endless.

Have fun!

Later Gators,



5 comments on “Scrappy Patchy Pin Keep Tutorial

  1. Sue says:

    Great tutorial and certainly a great way to use up some scraps! I love it!
    I love a good grungy ironing board cover. It means a lot of work is being done 😀


  2. Carrie P. says:

    Sweet! I like the little “sew” label.

  3. Jeanne M. Wallace says:

    Like this, have some thoughts love where you put it, like in a chest, close to where you can stab at, lol cute idea take care HUGS jeanne

  4. i like that. my grand daughter who is 13 made me one i will always use it because she is so sweet

  5. Melissa says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I LOVE this idea! I have some crushed walnut shells to fill it with. I hope I can make one this weekend! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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