Grungy Farm Egg Tutorial

It is so spring like in Michigan that I can’t help but set my sights on spring time decorating.

I saw these grungy looking eggs at an antique store awhile back and I decided I would give a go at making them myself.

Wanna join me?

You’ll need some Mod podge, cinnamon, paint brush,  various brown craft paints,  a blue paint  of your choice, and some paper mache’ eggs.

First give your eggs a light coating of blue paint.

When they dry mix in some brown and dry brush that on.

Keep adding and dabbing different brown mixtures until you are satisfied with the look.

Paint a circle of mod podge then dip in cinnamon.

When dry you can give it a light spray of matte sealer just on the cinnamon circle  if you would like.

Before adding the eggs to your basket dry brush a little cinnamon all over the rest of the egg to give it a more matte, rusty, dusty look.

Pair your grungy farm eggs with a spring-y sign and wait for the spring to actually arrive!! =)

Lator Gators,


3 comments on “Grungy Farm Egg Tutorial

  1. Sue says:

    Very awesome! You’re so creative. Thanks for sharing this. I have about a dozen hens out back that are a bit lazy with their egg giving. At least making my own, I can have some ‘fresh’ eggs around the house 😀

  2. Brenda says:

    Goodness, did I know that you lived here in Michigan? I do not remember that. Love the eggs thanks for sharing the tutorial. I just used the tutorial that you did on the last post to make a couple of pin cushions. Well one is done the other I need to fix. I needed something to add to a Valentine exchange and I had pinned it, so I used it. It was so easy to follow that I read it and went downstairs to my workroom and put it together in a short time from my bag of scraps. Thank you for the inspiration! I will post a picture of it when I am sure my exchange partner has received her package and send everyone over here to see how wonderful yours are. I love the wool one you made but I did not have any of that sort of fabric in my stash.

  3. Roberta says:

    It looks like a fun project!

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