The UFO from Planet Pain In The Butt , or Wanna See Something Embarrassing?

I started to pull fabrics for a new project yesterday and that’s when the guilt set in.  I have so many uncompleted projects laying around.  I know we all do.

How does that happen to us?

Why are some projects just so darn hard to get motivated for a finish?

I have this one stinkin’ quilt that I pull out every time the guilt sets in.  It is a mess of blocks,  half square triangles, bitty squares, and loose threads from being in a bag for 6 or so years.

I was determined to get this one done.  The problem was that I started this 2 houses, 1 sewing machine, and a couple of gray hairs ago.  No matter! I’m gonna do it!!

I sat down and layed it all out and started putting the puzzle pieces together.  About 4 hours later I had the middle top done, and I just finished the borders this morning.


The only problem is that it is hideous! LOL  I’m not being modest here.  Nothing meets, points are cut off, boders leave alot to be desired, etc.

It looks like it was the first quilt I’ve ever made. Embarrassing.

You know what I say to that?  No one in my family is going to be looking at the points when they are snuggling up with it on a cold day, or using it on a picnic or at the beach, AND I don’t have to put my name on it! HA.  It’s done , it’s usable, the fabric didn’t go to waste, and I don’t have to look at it in the unfinished pile anymore. =)

Now I’m going to be very brave a post a picture, but you are not allowed to laugh!!! hehehe (opps I laughed)

Oh my! You have to admit it looks better all scrunched up next to some roses.

Poor ugly thing.

Here’s something that is not ugly! My girls.  We attended The BG’s youngest sister’s wedding this weekend.  They danced the night away, little social butterflys.

Aren’t they looking crazy grown up?  They are almost as tall as me and I am wearing heels!

My sister in law Andrea always makes the most AMAZING desert tables for everyone’s events. She made the desert table for the wedding.  I thought I would leave you with some yummy sweets to reward you for looking at my quilt. (grin)

Have a super fantastic day!

Later gators,


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8 comments on “The UFO from Planet Pain In The Butt , or Wanna See Something Embarrassing?

  1. angeljeanne says:

    OH dear lots lovely, I see a lot of love went into this Quilt, and your daughters are looking wonderful, I see it is lovely honest!!! HUGS and Cheers Angeljeanne (jeanne) xox

  2. susan says:

    wow one person did all that? the table looks great
    as far as the quilt goes, i think its lovely!! do you not like the fabric anymore??
    i didnt notice any missing points or wonky anything. be happy with this one, i think anyone would be delighted with it. i know i would

  3. cumberlandislandquiltchick says:

    I think it’s PRETTY!! Seriously!~ However, I KNOW EXACTLY what you are talking about… sigh. I think it goes with the quilting territory. Good for you for finishing and I’m sure whomever is the lucky person snuggling under it will love it.
    I want to say that this is a WONDERFUL photo of you and the girls. Look how they are holding your hand. No, I mean REALLY holding your hand… THey love you and it’s so obvious. They are leaning in towards you and smiling. This photo really speaks volumes. So precious. They ARE growing up mama… sniff, sniff.
    Goodness, gracious, the table looks like an London dessert table at a fancy hotel!~ Beautiful! What a fun day that was. how do you decide which to go for first?!?! I’d probably choose a chocolate covered strawberry first with a glass of champagne. Then, go back for one of those big ole chocolate covered totable yummies as the night progressed and I’d had more champagne and danced till my feet hurt. YUMMO!~ Great idea to put them on sticks! She should start a business!

  4. Michelle says:

    He he I’m like that with my quilts sometimes but honestly I love your quilt the colours are fresh and bright :O)

  5. joan says:

    I think your quilt looks great. I love the colors. What a wonderful dessert table. The presentation makes it!

  6. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    I think the quilt looks pretty good. We’re in the process of moving and can I tell you how MANY “UFOs” have been unearthed in the process of packing up?? Many I don’t even remember having ever started .. now THAT is bad … The girls really are getting “mature” … you all looked great in that photo. Sweet tables at wedding are fun … but I gained weight just LOOKING at that one … a beauty and I’ll bet not much left at the end of the evening!

  7. Melanie says:

    Nice hearing from you… Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  8. Valerie says:

    I think your quilt is beautiful. It doesn’t look like an amateur quilt by any means. You did a wonderful job and I rather like the fabrics!

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