Making our new house a HOME

We spent the month of July moving into our new house.  Some of the hottest days in history were spent sweating our guts out moving heavy objects!!  My sore muscles are just now being to recover.

There is no central air in the house, but my Mom and Dad came to the rescue with a HUGE air conditioner, the last air conditioner unit left in Michigan! (thanks Mom and Dad!)

Glad that’s done!

Now it’s on to pouring love into the old, wonderful house.

First up was to paint my sewing room which had wood paneling in it. I will share pic’s of that when I take some .  By a happy accident the sewing room is in the biggest bedroom in the house. (yipppeee!!!=)) So it will double as a guest room with one of the girls old twin beds.  They were treated to new big double beds to put in their own rooms! They couldn’t be happier about having their own rooms.

Then it was on to weeding and seeding the front and back yards.  We are not even close to being done with that.  The  BG works on it everyday after work, but as you can probably understand I have been more interested in getting the inside set up.  This coming spring I will be into landscaping full time.

Next we painted the dinning room.

Here is a before shot taken during the girls’ birthday party a few weeks ago:

It was a really dark tealy-green color.

If you look above the board and batten you can see the color swatch laying there.

Here is the after with my fall stuff out:

We chose a nice light gray with white board and batten and trim.

My dad is in the process of making us a long bench, that I will upholster to fit into the window alcove on the right.

I’ve painted every shelf and hutch my dad has made for me.  They were all due for a makeover!  The red hutch is now white , and the dry sink is now a dark charcoal gray.

The only thing left to do in here is to spray paint the light fixtures to get rid of the brass, or maybe new light fixtures?

So much better, don’t ya think?

Next up is the kitchen, which is seriously dated.  We can’t do a total kitchen gut yet, but that is planned for the future. Including moving the powder room back and expanding the kitchen a bit, and some much needed new appliances. Check out my oven!!!

Pretty hilarious isn’t it?  The first night I cooked here I tried to put a baking sheet in there and it wouldn’t fit. Oh my!  I’m getting used to it though, and it actually bakes things in about half the time.

So to make the kitchen livable until we can afford a re-model we are going to do some minor tweaks. Fresh paint, some bead-board back splash, and new hardware should make a big improvement.  And cutting off some of the bulk head stuff.

Dad was here yesterday to take my cabinet doors home.  He is going to cut them out and place glass in them.  I forgot to take before pictures!!

But here is a before with the doors down and getting ready to paint complete with dirty dishes from dinner!

Stay tuned for the after! =)

On Monday I made some fall-ish pillows for our new sectional sofa in the family room, and for the side chairs in the living room.

I got really addicted to making piping for the pillows! They look so much more “finished” with piping.

I’m off to paint, paint, paint.  We’ll talk soon!

Hope you are enjoying summer’s end.

Later Gators,


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15 comments on “Making our new house a HOME

  1. Sue says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! What a lovely home and it looks so spacious!! I am so very happy for you guys and things are looking great! You have the decorator touch!! Happy home-making 🙂

  2. Hi Sue! I was happy to see a post from you yesterday. It sounds like you are having a great and busy summer. I wish I had the money to go to the AQS show in Grand Rapids!!! I have to save my pennies to buy paint. LOL And I know if I went I would be way to tempted to buy fabric. =)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on our house, we are so happy here we sometimes just sit in the backyard and smile at each other.

    Take care! Melissa

  3. Colleen says:

    It looks fantastic, Melissa! Love what you did to the dining room. Perfect!

  4. Boysmum2 says:

    Awesome, welcome to your new home

  5. leeanne says:

    WOW!! Stunning…..I can see why you are in love.

  6. Your dining room looks wonderful, I love your color changes. Great choices. Will look forward to seeing the next finish! Went to the AQS show in GR today. First I have ever been to. Beautiful quilts!

  7. Michelle says:

    You’ve certainly been busy… it’s going to look fabulous when it’s all done, but like anything worth waiting for it’s going to take a bit of work and time! Have fun…

  8. Melanie says:

    No one an accuse you of being lazy!!!! Beautiful work… You do a great job of making houses into home…

  9. Mary says:

    It looks like a wonderful new home. I love the lighter color in the dining area. You are doing a great job.

    That old oven may be a classic at this point. Anyone doing retro around you????

  10. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Love the gray … we were thinking of that for our new place in Traverse City. Can understand all your excess $$ going into the house … paint can be VERY expensive!! House is BEAUTIFUL and SPACIOUS … so happy for you and your family. Had thought of driving down to the AQS but have so much on my plate too … plus there will be another show there next year … perhaps we’ll meet then. Good to see you back blogging a little again … hope you’re able to keep us posted with your progress. VERY interesting …..

  11. Sandra says:

    Drool….dreamy home. You could make a cardboard box a home though! Lol you are amazing and tell your hubby he is too! Sooooo happy for you. And the girls! Love the colors. Hey, if the kitchen is the worse part, ou are doing great. You will make it nice. Your parents sound great too! Oh….to have a dad around. Lucky duck

  12. Sandra says:

    Are you talking about the center light? The shiny one? If its not an expensive fixture, could you rough sand it to make the paint stick and paint it a flat black, so it looks like wrought iron? Just an idea. Drop it lower and i know you…put stuff on it? Shades, vines, whatever?
    Crazy about that room!

  13. Miss Jean says:

    It’s just beautiful and I can’t wait to see it when you are completely finished!

  14. Tammy says:

    Oh Melissa, your new home is just gorgeous and I love what you’ve done already. You have such an eye for decorating and making a beautiful home. Looking forward to seeing even more pic’s as you go about the re-do. And that oven did crack me up, I think I grew up an oven like that, and I’m old, haha. Hugs!!

  15. Joy says:

    Thought you fell off the map! Your new house looks very nice, love the gray and white. Also, I traveled 10 hours from the UP to GR for the quilt show and it was soooooo worth it. Try to make it next year, it’s awesome!

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