Kitchen Progress

The kitchen painting is underway!

I have the first wall, the door, and trim on that side done, and one bank of cupboards.

It’s not much, but  I will work on it today and see where I can get.

I opted for a controversial color in here, controversial because The BG doesn’t like it, but all the girls in the family did.  And girls are always right!  Right?

It’s called Cool Pool and is a lot more greeny-tealy blue than the pictures show. I couldn’t wait to start sprucing up that side until all the painting was done, so I made some curtains out of an antique table cloth and decorated the table top.

I popped out Saturday to visit a couple of my favorite antique stores and found some retro goodies to go with my oven. LOL

A wonderful Lustroware bread box, a crispy cotton vintage table runner, and a little Pyrex bowl are  the perfect compliment to my retro dinette set.

Do you ever go to TJ Maxx?  I love stopping in to see what they have every now and then.  I found a GREAT deal on two large, white platters to hang on the wall.

Now to just get the rest of the kitchen painted.

Have a great day!



10 comments on “Kitchen Progress

  1. Sue says:

    Oh it looks so good and I think that color fits beautifully. I love the vintage goodies you’ve added to that section of your kitchen:)

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh my, I am so envious of your little chrome set! Paint colour looks good to me…in fact the whole thing looks great. Nice work!

  3. Sue in MI says:

    I think it looks wonderful. Especially love the table and chairs. Can’t wait to see what else you do in your beautiful home!

  4. How lovely, just the colors I would like in a vintage camper if I ever find one! My hubs would nix it in our kitchen, I have blue red and yellow but not bright colors. I lOOOve yours!

  5. Mary says:

    It does look like a cheery and fresh color for the kitchen. LOVE TJM and Home Goods for decor!!!!

  6. Karen Beigh says:

    The table and chairs remind me of my mother’s old kitchen. She had a gray formica table and red chairs to go with it. Gray lineoleum tiles on the floor. And red congoleum on the walls (looked sort of like tile but it was one piece. She also had a red sofa and a grey rug in the living room.

  7. cumberlandislandquiltchick says:

    Beautiful!~ I love it! Maybe let hubby do a room for “HIM” ? THat’s what I do… Mine has the DEN. I dont’ know, maybe you have a rooom in that big ole house where you can make him a “CAVE”. 🙂 He deserves it, then he will LOVE your colors. lol
    Your style is so darned FUN!~

  8. Margaret Parks says:

    Love your kitchen and especially the vintage goodies.
    Please tell me about the curtains. Did you make them? They look as if they were made from vintage tablecloth’s or vintage towels?

  9. Michelle says:

    It looks like a happy colour to me!

  10. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Looking good! Thanks for sharing the pixs … always fun!

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