Christmas decorating and crafting part 1


Hi everyone!

My blogging has become so sporadic lately I thought I would make one huge post on my Christmas decorating and crafting for posterity’s sake,  but when I started to edit all the photo’s I realized that I had an epic novel on my hands.
I’m just going to split it up a bit.

Since we always go away Thanksgiving weekend I like to try and get my festive on early!  So it’s been Christmas music, crafting, and decorating my little fingers to the bone around these parts the last two weeks.

Near the end of the summer I scored this free cabinet from a garage sale near my house.  It needed some work (according to me) so I gave it to my Dad to fix her up.  According to Dad, however, it needed to be junked! LOL

He rebuilt the whole thing and just keep the doors.  He inserted glass panels on the sides, and I just love how it turned out.

Here she is ready to get painted. You can see the lovey green paint the cabinet used to be (blach).  I  used some left over grey paint from the dinning room.  We installed a light at the top so it glows so sweetly at night.  I put my blossoming ironstone collection and quilts inside.

Not bad for free!  (Well free to me, not my poor Dad)

For a few days this fall I sat and drove myself Pinterest crazy with all the crafts I wanted to try. Have you ever been Pinterest paralyzed? LOL I think I was overwhelming myself, so I picked a few last week while my hubby was in Arizona and got cracking!

The first thing I wanted to make was a paper flower tree. DUDE, never again. It took me the better part of two days to make all those paper flowers!!!!  I used a tutorial I saw on Youtube and thought, oh that looks fun….

Lo’ have mercy on my back!! I sat on my sewing room floor and made a million flowers, and hot glued them to a paper cone till I thought I would cry.

We’ll be seeing this tree for the rest of my decorating life just because it took so long!!!! =)

Then I tried out some folded paper stars and other little paper ornaments and banners for my little tree.

Burlap stockings were next on the list, man I just love the stockings people make!  Here is a nice tutorial to try.

Here’s how my first two turned out with another little paper banner and some more of those dratted paper roses I had left over…hey I wasn’t going to waste ONE of those things LOL.

While I already had glitter all over and the glue gun hot, I tried out a crepe paper tree from this tutorial.

I would like to try it again as mine didn’t turn out as full or as cute as the tutorial, but I was on to other things. Like making moving furniture around to make room for the trees, and new pillow covers in festive Christmas colors.

Which Sony dog promptly sat on and and got dog hair all over, but she is too cute to get mad at, isn’t she?

More pillows for the slipper chairs.

There is lot’s more decorating to share, but I don’t want to Pinterest paralyze you too, so I leave you with the sister-in-law gifts I am making this year.  Burlap totes with fabric flower pins.  3 down 10 to go!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving folks! I’ll see you back here soon. =)

Later gators, Melissa

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6 comments on “Christmas decorating and crafting part 1

  1. Sue says:

    Hi there, Melissa! Wow, your decorating is such a treat to look at! I love all the stuff with burlap. I’m making a burlap tree skirt for my tree this year, but I won’t be putting up as much Christmas stuff.
    Love the free cabinet you got and your dad is one talented man. Must be where you get your talent from.
    I haven’t been around in blogland much. Too many other things going on, but it sure was nice to visit your blog today!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Kathy Foster says:

    Hi, Missy, I’ve been looking forward to seeing all your decorating ideas – been checking almost every day! :=) Your dad did a beautiful job on the cabinet, but then, he always does! So fun to see what you do each year… I’ve been doing lots of quilting – table runners, wall hangings and stuff, for gifts (and a few for me…) – now I’m on to wooden snowmen and quilted ornaments… Carpal tunnel says enough, but I say, NO, not yet! I’m not nearly done! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you – your mom and I spent many a Thanksgiving together when we were kids… I think that was about 10 years ago, wasn’t it?

  3. Betty Lou says:

    Talk about getting your Christmas on Melissa, I am so impressed. Everything is just darling, paper flowers included. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Melanie says:

    Gosh — what is my favorite photo????? Still in-love with the Sleigh Ride and primitive reds…. Your home is beautiful….and I’m a Pinterest junkie too! When you are too tired for anything else you can be inspired with pics.

  5. Mary says:

    You do such a beautiful job on the decorating. I would love to come visit and see all of it in person.

    Your dad did an awesome job on the cabinet too! Beautiful.

  6. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    VERY cool, Missy … makes me want to drag everything out and get it going. I always wait, however, until after Thanksgiving to start decorating … just draw the line for myself there. My favorite thing is to sit in the fully decorated house, in the dark, with nothing but the Christmas lights on, playing carols on the stereo and drinking hot Christmas tea … the BEST time of the season for me 😉

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