Christmas decorating part2

decorating time 074

Hi friends!

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We sure did, I think I am still stuffed!

We’ve been pretty busy around here. The BG and I decided to do an advent tree this year with the girls, and as organized as I tried to be before it started,  it is keeping us on our toes.

We added lots of “doing for others” and craft projects/family activities, instead of just giving treats to the kids. So our house is covered in glitter, glue, flour, and sugar.

Here’s a shot of the advent tree, nothing special just simple burlap bags with the activities printed on paper slips inside.

The girls are loving it!

1 028

Tonight’s is an easy one (**thankful**) a new Christmas movie, treats, and popcorn.

Last Sunday’s activity was to make glitter houses, we worked on them all day and had lots of fun. Here’s how mine turned out so far, still needs some work because I was mostly helping the girls.

1 036

We bleached some bottle brush trees and in the process ruined my favorite sweatshirt…boo hoo.  So if you ever do this put on an old shirt, you will get bleach on yourself.  Crafting is a messy business! =)

Our village:

glitter house

Grandma Linda was here one night and helped me with that night’s advent to read Christmas books with hot coco to the girls.


Here’s some more of the Christmas tour:

decorating time 005

decorating time 050

decorating time 049

1 033

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decorating time 059

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1 021

decorating time 081

Talk soon!


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9 comments on “Christmas decorating part2

  1. Sue says:

    Oh goodness! Your place just looks so spiffy!! ANd what fun you must be having with all your craft projects. I love it!

    Love those quilts too 😉

  2. jane werka says:

    Your quilts are GORGEOUS!! Everything looks so pretty and festive!! Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 19:09:45 +0000 To:

  3. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Oh! Love it!! Two questions: WHERE did you get that little red pick-up truck? My husband drives one exactly like and I’d really like to find one for him … he would be tickled pink (or red, actually). Secondly … the tree in the metal tub … is that a live tree that you will plant outside after the Holidays? If so, how are you keeping it alive while it is in the house? I’ve always wanted to do a live tree and then plant it outside … keeps on giving 😉 Great post!

  4. Kimberly Hertel says:

    You did a fantastic job Melissa. I love it and think your ideas are great. I make homemade quilts and really enjoy it. Looking forward to more of your beautiful things. Thank you for welcoming us into your house for a sneak peak at Christmas 🙂 Kim in NH

  5. Maggie says:

    G”Day,Love your site Your home looks awesome. We’re staring to heat up here Summer has finally struck looks like we’ll be in for a hot one Keep up the blogging! Quilts are beaut Cheers Maggie.x

  6. Melanie says:

    It’s hard to pick out my favorite snap shot. As always— your decorating is beautiful…. The season looks ‘loved’ at your home.

  7. Kathy Foster says:

    Missy, do you have the patterns, or know where I can get them, for the Christmas quilts in the 2nd picture from the top (left side) and the 3rd picture from the bottom? I would be glad to buy them if you have them… Thanks – Love ya, hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Give your mom and dad a hug for me, please… -Kathy

  8. garden2day says:

    Your house looks wonderful all decorated for Christmas. You did a fabulous job!

  9. karen says:

    Your Christmas is wonderful! i think we would be great friends!! ~karen

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