A brand new beautiful year!

Winter 2013 022

Isn’t a fresh brand new year so glorious and full of possibilities?

The Christmas is put away and the house is a blank,  glitter and pine free canvas!

The holidays around here were packed with family, fun, and excitement.  I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as well!

I had a tragic computer accident with my netbook,  which is what I use to post with these days.  I dropped the poor thing on the front porch floor.  She is in the shop being repaired as we speak, and I can’t wait to get her back.

So needless to say my posting over the holidays was non existent as my desktop is down in the gloomy basement man cave, and I try to stay away from there if I can.

My Christmas present this year has kept me occupied too.  I finally joined the rest of the world and received my first ever big girl smart phone!!

Winter 2013 035

It seems to be a trend for me in January to dig out a project that I’ve long wanted to make.  The sewing room is clean and tidy, there are no more gifts to produce and my project list is empty and ready to be filled.

I poured through my books and found a quilt I thought would be a snap to make.  I purchased the book and the fabric in 2006 while I was working at Quilt N Go.  I figured it was high time I whipped this up.

Winter 2013 032

I underestimated the time the applique blocks would take but I only have one block left and it will be ready for borders.

Winter 2013 029

One last bit of exciting news to share today.

A major dream of mine has been realized friends!   I have a quilt pattern that will be in Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine’s Spring 2013 issue!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP! (insert cheesy grin here)


If you haven’t checked out this magazine yet, I encourage you to buy a subscription, or find it at your local quilt shop.  It’s chocked full of amazing projects.

If you click HERE you can purchase a subscription, and if you use this code DSMSP13 you will receive a free pattern.

I should be back around these parts soon to chat with you.  Thank you for coming for a visit!

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5 comments on “A brand new beautiful year!

  1. Kathy Foster says:

    BIGGGGGGGGGG Whoop Whoop! Congratulations!

  2. Judy Stewart says:

    I think this is awsome. I do take the magazine, and will be waiting on pins and needles, (what else,ha) to get it. Congratulations, Judy Stewart

  3. Char says:

    Congratulations that’s wonderful!

  4. Sue says:

    The quilt you are working on is just adorable! And congratulations to you on getting your pattern in the magazine everyone loves and looks forward to arriving in their mailboxes! That’s a realy treat!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  5. Lee says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek at the new cover….can’t wait to see your pattern!

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