doll quilts and chippy white finds

Hi friends and neighbors (wave!)

It’s a beautiful day in Michigan today, sunny and not as frigidly cold as it was the last two days.  So who’s ready for spring? HAHAHA We’ve got a long wait don’t we?

I’ve been really attracted to white chippy objects lately and here’s what I’ve found:

A large old basket found on an antique outing with my Momma, only 10 bucks!!

blog 005

Not sure where it will live permanently, but for now it sits on the dining room hutch.

And this precious tiny white sock darner on etsy. Oh it’s so cute!

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In the sewing room, I’ve been working on some little doll quilts.  I have been searching for a little primitive doll bed for awhile now and can’t seem to find one that is just right, so I think I will attempt to make one this week.

Here are a few quilts that are all finished up. I made several to list in my shop later this week. While I was cutting I thought I would cut enough for a couple kits: some to list, and some to give away   later this week.

blog 015

I’ve gotta say that I need LOTS of practice binding on those weird angles of a tumbler quilt! I didn’t do so well, guess I’ll keep that one for myself. =)

blog 017

Have a great weekend!


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7 comments on “doll quilts and chippy white finds

  1. Lee says:

    Love your basket. It is screaming for pots of red geraniums. All of my children were born in Ann Arbor…now, try to convince me you actually have spring??? Visiting in Michigan this spring…hope it doesn’t snow! Blessings, Lee

  2. Betty Lou says:

    Such sweet little doll quilts , hope you find the right doll bed for them to cover. I pinned them to my Pinterest board, hope this is O.K. with you, if not let me know and I will delete them Hugs

  3. Sue says:

    Great little quilts, Melissa! Love that tumbler. I need to make one of those.

    Hey, got my Primitives magazine yesterday. So nice to see your quilt in there!!

    Enjoy today. It’s gonna be another cold one tomorrow.

  4. Judy Hansen says:

    Great buys! Love the basket – and all the little quilts. Does the purchase of the sock darner mean that you will now be starting to darn socks? hehe

  5. Linda Hoch says:

    Love your antique finds! Adorable quilts, too! Red geraniums in the white basket woul be PERFECT!! Nothing screams summer like red and white!

  6. Ruth says:

    The doll quilt are adorable! I am addicted to them. And I love old things which are found for a song!

  7. Heartsdesire says:

    Your doll quilts are so sweet. I love making them because they are quick and use up lots of scraps. Little Quilts quilt store has a booklet entitled Child’s Play with a very easy to make rope bed that you might like to try making. It’s from 1997, so you may have to try Amazon or EBay if the store does not still carry it.

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