Good Morning!

BURRRR….I am freezing my pootie off after taking Sony out for her morning duties.  But the coffee is on and an exciting day is planned. I am meeting Mom today to do a little antique hunting.

  And today is the day we are buying the empty lot next to our house. (Here it is, as viewed from the living room window.)

c and beans 002

It’s a very nice size and to tell the truth it’s The BG who wants it. I’m not a huge fan of the extra leaf raking, and lawn mowing that will come with expanding our yard!   He has big plans to fence it in, espalier some fruit trees along the back, and hold some big, bad, badminton tournaments there.  So I’m excited if he is excited! LOL

And later tonight I plan to machine quilt some new mini quilts I made up.  I made a split rail block , but used 4 strips instead of the traditional 3.  I wanted to make it kind of “make-do” looking so I didn’t put sashings on the sides.

c and beans 003

Then I thought, “hmmm that looks weird.”

So the I made another one with the sashing on the sides.

c and beans 008

Then I decided I did like it without the sashing on the sides, so I made one more like the first one! HA  what a fickle pickle I am.

The winner of the quilt kit is commenter #5 Brenda, send me an email with your address and I will get that mailed out to you!



Have a great weekend folks !!!


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7 comments on “Winner

  1. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    I’m with BG on the extra land. We have a vacant lot next to ours that I am enamoured with but it is pricey and hubby isn’t onboard with purchasing it. We already have an acre but there is something about having SPACE between me and the rest of the world … I think your backyard will be BEAUTIFUL and a place you and the family will spend a lot of time. Think about it as a little display area for the trailer … poised in a corner on a pad with lawn furniture around it, the pop-up front tent out and the door opened to invite backyard guests … adorable!

  2. Sue says:

    Congrats to the winner!

    I love the extra property we have and it does come in handy for those fruit trees, chickens, alpacas, and whatever else you can fit on it 😀

  3. Teri Maisner says:

    The extra property once held a giant house full of the Brady family… I have great memories of being there as a kid and eating peanutbutter sandwhiches… theirs were better cause they had Peter Pan Peanutbutter! LOL
    While you are out hunting today keep your eyes open for a wooden highchair that would be suitable for painting up. I have one am going to paint for the Chair Affair Auction in April and a friend said she would like one for herself.
    Happy Friday! Love the little quilts!

  4. Brenda says:

    Congratulations to the other Brenda! I have to say, I got really excited because I just loved what you did with those pieces!. I got ready to e-mail you and then thought, I am usually a long winded commenter and that comment did not sound like me. Sure enough, two Brenda’s. Still happy for the other Brenda! Men do love a lot of land. We are living on 10 acres because of that. Can you raise chickens where you live?

  5. Just found your site today and am thrilled. Love the free patterns. Printed them and will begin soon. The doll bed is wonderful. I’m in today because of the snow and cold so found your site quite by accident. I love some accidents and this is one of them! Thank you so much! Elaine

  6. Brenda G says:

    is there room for a third Brenda? I love your blog, and visit often. You will really enjoy the extra space, oh the possibilities. Your mini quilts are beautiful, I love seeing what you put together.

  7. Brenda says:

    I sent you an email. Thank you so much! You will enjoy the exra property. It will be wonderful to have the extra space and space to do what you want.

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