The still, gray days

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There has been a steady barrage of gray, snowy days here in Michigan.  They are the kind of days that make you want to stay in your jammies,  curl up on the couch, and watch movie marathons with some hand stitching.

The snow doesn’t slow you down when you have kids though, and we have stayed pretty busy around here running kids to basketball games, wrestling meets, and youth groups.

Last week Mom and I had a somewhat unsuccessful sewing day.  We have wanted to do a new red and white quilt for quite some time. I wanted to sew a medallion quilt with lots of pieced borders. So we set out with a Judy Niemeyer paper piecing pattern to make our center medallion. We were cracking up at our curved piecing skills, but we decided when viewed from afar our centers look just fine. We aren’t entering them in the state fair or anything so we’ll just go with it.


The first border was to be “floating squares” using square in a square blocks. But try as we might we could not get those little suckers to play nicely. Since the center leaves a lot to be desired it’s really important that the rest of the quilt be perfect. So we ordered the square in a square ruler from Quilt N Go, and decided to go antique shopping the next day instead of sewing. LOL!  Shopping therapy is what we needed.

I found the sweetest little ironstone tureen for a steal to add to my rapidly growing ironstone collection.

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I also picked up this lovely old music book to use for paper crafting.  After I had torn several pages out for paper roses, I checked the publish date and found that it was from 1904!! I don’t have the heart to tear too many more pages out of the pretty little book!

PicMonkey Collage

So for now I have it sitting under my little pitcher.

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Mom spotted this adorable cow creamer I’ve been wanting, and a few isles over we spotted another one for her.  How fun will it be to pour tasty, fattening, french vanilla cream into my coffee with this cute guy?

c and beans 016

There were some vintage buttons,  little bunny molds, and super cool His and Hers pillow cases still in the package from JC Penny whispering my name too! I think the bunnies will be cute in a spring vignette.

c and beans 017


So I’d say even though our sewing day wasn’t successful, our shopping trip was!

 I got my Primitive Quilts and Projects magazines last week with my quilt design inside.  I was beyond giddy to see it professional photographed!!


Have a wonderful day!


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7 comments on “The still, gray days

  1. Sue says:

    Your block looks gorgeous! I couldn’t tell you had any troubles whatsoever. It’s beautiful. I’ll have to check into Judy’s pp patterns. Never tried them.

    Love the antique finds. I do love to go antiquing as well. You guys always find such goodies. I don’t think I could take any more pages out of that great old book either. It’s a treasure.

  2. Lee says:

    My favorite place for antiquing in Michigan is the Ann Arbor Antique show. Years ago we were visiting friends and bought two trunks to take home to Ky. for daughters for Christmas. Put them down in the basement and put a blanket over them and darn if they both didn’t find them before Christmas. They are married with homes of their own and they still find a place for their trunk. Go to the mall and buy something and who remembers? Go antiquing and you make memories every time. Sometimes you can’t help but remember the pieces you didn’t buy. Don’t we all have one of those stories? Have a great week. Love your blog.

  3. leeanne says:

    Your red n’ white block is lovely & so is your quilt in the prim magazine. Snow??? we have a hot dry summer here in NZ

  4. Deb Carlson says:

    make copies of the song book then you can leave the book intact….just an idea. Love all your posts and economical projects!! very inspiring!

  5. Melanie says:

    And to think….I knew her ‘Before she was famous!’. Love that dry sink and how you have it decorated….. It’s not the snow that bothers me….It’s the extreme cold. I’ll get out in the weather but you can’t with sub zero weather… oh well, it’s permission to stitch, right?!?!?

  6. Brenda says:

    Love your shopping finds! I dropped my Grandmothers Ironstone platter a few years ago and was so sad. Just stood there and cried. I always served roast on it. My daughter recently found a platter the same size but it is flow blue not ironstone but it has made me feel less sad about breaking the other. The bunny molds are so cute! I think the center of you new quilt looks great and I have to take a break myself when things are not working out as I would like. Where can I find the Magazine? Does it sell here in Michigan, love the quilt you have designed inside it!

  7. Charlotte S says:

    Congratulations on having your quilt published. I especially like the border with the hexagon flowers. Great idea.

    Enjoyed seeing all your treasures – neat finds.


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