A new sampler

I started this sampler last year, so I can’t remember the thread count of the linen I used, and it took me a week to track down the brown variegated floss I used(it was hiding under a pile of quilt scraps,) but finish it I did!

c and beans 002

I learned the first time around when I had a sampler professional framed that my budget does not allow for me to pay to have all my stitchies framed, I would rather spend that money on quilting.  So I have started to just frame them myself.

I needed to go pick up my sewing machine from the shop today. It went in for a cleaning a week or so ago.  So on my way I stopped at hobby lobby and grabbed a frame and an 8 x 10 stitchery mounting board. You can find those in the floss section of craft stores.  Now I am sure all serious cross stitchers would never use these as I am sure they are not archival, but for my little stitches they work just fine.

$12.00 later as opposed to the 100 or something for the professional framed sampler, I have a sweet old looking sampler to add to my collection!

c and beans 007

I used a pattern that I made up in a free cross stitching program. I say “made up” but I really just took elements I liked from an antique sampler book I checked out of the library and just put them all together. It’s fun to use you should try it! Here’s the link.

c and beans 012

I love how sweet and homey it looks when you hang samplers in mismatched frames together, like this one from Words and Blooms blog.

2011-01-16 sampler wall blue room

And the BEST part of my day so far? Guy (that’s his name) at the sewing machine shop didn’t charge me a thing when I picked up my machine! He said it was completely clean, so he didn’t do a thing but lubricate it.  WHAT???? I asked him, are you SURE that’s my machine??  I sew on that fella 5 hours a day or more, and I haven’t had it cleaned in over a year.  I guess I must be doing a good job of brushing it out.

Hope you only get good news today too!


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4 comments on “A new sampler

  1. Kathy Foster says:

    Hi, MIssy – love your sampler! I have one that my mother started as a young girl but never finished, so my grandmother finished it for her. It was given to me as a young girl, but just stayed all folded up in a box for many, many years. About 15 years ago, I framed it myself and it now hangs proudly in my front entry, the product of three generations of hands… I think samplers are the one piece of needlework that take me back thru time. Thanks for sharing! – Kathy

  2. looking forward to when you post a pic of your samplers! I’m encouraged now to frame a piece I started back in the 80’s, now where did I put those frames….

  3. Sue says:

    Love your sampler, Melissa. I think the frame looks good with it too. Ya gotta love hobby lobby. That place is great.

    What a nice guy Guy is to not charge you. Good for you for taking such good care of your machine. I do the cleaning of lint after every day of use. I do believe that helps.

  4. Maggie says:

    Lovely job on your oh your sampler Melissa keep up the great posts Cheers Maggie.x

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