red and white progress

I picked up my Square in a Square ruler from Quilt N Go yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it out for the red and white quilt border.

I can’t say it helped me when sewing them to each other, but it sure did help me get nice square blocks before I sewed them together.  Going over all those bulky seams doesn’t seam to be my forte.

Good news the first border is done. Bad news Lor’O’Mercy it still looks better from afar!!!

cornbreadandbeansblog 005

This is inspiration for quilters to just keep pushing through even when a project looks better when a person is squinting and standing ten feet back from it (and it wouldn’t hurt if they’ve had a nip or two of the hard stuff.)

It’s just for me, and I am sticking through it!!  I have made quilts that are darn near perfect, but this one isn’t gonna be one of those!!! LOL

After I got my housework done I went back to my sewing room to think on what would come next.

Mom and I decided early on that we were only going to put one border on before putting on the setting triangles, because we don’t want the solid white to be too big and plain.  I put my block on some white yardage  just to stare at it and see what we could put in there to liven it up.

I decided to try out a half dresden.

cornbreadandbeansblog 006

Oh that might be cool!

So I sewed up the other three half dresdens and took a picture to see how it worked.

cornbreadandbeansblog 002

I think it looks better than a big chunk of plain white.  I can’t sew them down or move on because I have to wait for Mom to catch up.  We didn’t have a sewing day this week because she was feeling bad from a cold.

I’m thinking flying geese for the next border? Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend!


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8 comments on “red and white progress

  1. Gayle says:

    Perhaps a two color piano keyboard border? Sure looks good so far!

  2. leeanne says:

    Wow this is really stunning! I like the idea of flying geese next.

  3. Sue says:

    Oh I love the Dresdens! That’s a really neat looking quilt that way.
    My machine couldn’t handle bulky seams either until I bought my Juki! Love this machine!

  4. I don’t know what’s next, but the dresdens look really great!

  5. Linda Hoch says:

    Love the Dresdens … I never am able to do them well … LOVE flying geese and I think your squares in a square are lovely! Stop being so hard on yourself 😉 Two color quilts are my favorites … red and white are killer together!

  6. marylou55 says:

    This is amazing! I love two-color quilts. Keep up the good work – a flying geese border sounds fun.

  7. The drew dens look great! I love the deep rich red. Good job!

  8. That should have been dresdens! Oops

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