fun mail, vday, and doings

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First and foremost I’d like to wish you a very happy LOVE DAY!!! If you don’t have a special sweetheart today, God  loves you with an unimaginable amount of love, send Him a Valentine! =)

I’ve gotten some fun mail the last couple of days.  Yesterday in my mailbox I found my sweet toweling yardage I bought from The Fabric Depot. It’s on sale if you want some too.

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It’s more fun to do dishes with pretty towels isn’t it? I think I’ll make some table runners for my retro kitchen too!

I also got my scrap bag from Homestead Hearth I kept seeing on blogs. I must say when I first opened it I was a bit disappointed, but I went through it again today and thought there was quite a bit I could use.

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That’s the fun of a grab bag isn’t it? You just don’t know what your going to get!

I’ve been busy working on my red and white quilt. I got the half dresdens done and the flying geese border on.

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I think I only have room for one more border because of where I plan to hang it.  I’ll have to stew on it awhile.  Since my Mom hasn’t been here to sew, I started doing her’s for her so she doesn’t fall to far behind.  I’m a good kid, huh? LOL

I’ve got her half dresdens pinned on and ready to applique today.

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I started working a little Blackbird Designs freebie last night. It’s called Know I Know My ABC’s .  I like to keep something to stitch by the couch at night while I’m sitting with The BG whatching TV. The colors they chose are so interesting!

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Who is itching to get in the garden this spring? This will be my first spring here in the house with my very own, get-to-keep-forever, garden!  So you know I am excited!! We spent the tail end of last summer and fall clearing and clearing and weeding and weeding. Now we have a fairly blank canvas to plant what we please.

It has been my intention to start a garden journal in which to keep pictures of where we started, plans and reminders.  I don’t want to forget plant sunflower seeds!!

So I whipped up this cover yesterday (tutorial here from Bloom blog) and jotted some initial notes.

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I used some of   The Simple Life fabric, which is quite garden-y don’t ya think? I added a little pocket for my favorite pink pen. Too bad journals don’t have spell check, flowers are kind of hard to spell! (giggle)

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What do you always mean to plant in your garden, but forget to do it?

Have a great day!!


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4 comments on “fun mail, vday, and doings

  1. Sue says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I love that you mentioned God’s unimaginable love. Boy, isn’t that the truth! Keeps me singing 😀

    Your red and white is just so wonderful! I really love that.

    Love the fabrics on your garden journal. I need to make one of those with the gardening season coming up. Journals are much nicer when they have their own sleeve to go on them 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Peggy says:


    I love the red and white quilt. Can you tell me which one of Judy’s patterns you used for the center medallion?

  3. Brenda says:

    Happy Valentines day back at you! The Red and White quilt is looking great, and you are a good daughter helping your mom keep up. I found the Primative Quilt magazine with your quilt pattern in it. Joann fabrics in Grand Rapids, I bought the last one! Do not know when I will have time to start it, probably going to be quite a while off since I have so many starts right now. But I can sure start finding my fabrics, I always love that part! Love your notebook cover, I just made a scrap bag out of some of the aqua blue fabric. And the stitchery! Well I love it all!

  4. Lee says:

    So love your red and white quilt…..machine quilt or hand quilt? Flowers or veggies in your garden? I am planting veggies this year in a raised bed. I, too, am going to make a journal….not my first journal. I have a flower garden journal and a journal where I write the books I have read since 2000.
    Blessings, Lee

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