Living Room on a Tight Fisted Budget

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It all started with a trip to Ikea with Mom and a little extra pocket change from our tax return.

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Mind you the tax return had all been planned out before we even knew what we were getting back.  The BG was the Executive Director of spending the tax return this year, he KNEW what he WANTED, and none of it was going to go into our living room.  It is to go for boring things like riding lawn mowers and fences.  He did say I could go buy curtains though, so off to Ikea I went.

While there I found the a cute little loveseat with a pretty small price tag (270.00), so a phone call later and I had the go ahead to buy it.

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We spent the next day putting up the curtains and trying to figure out how to place our new little loveseat in our impossibly weird-angled, and previously fairly empty  living room. A decorator  I am not, but even I know  we really needed a rug to anchor the seating arrangement, but we cannot have a rug because of our dog (long story, but she destroys rugs.)

So until the dog goes to dog heaven and we can buy a nice rug, we decided that the alcove was the best place for it.

We got it all set up and I was happy as a lark, there was some much needed seating in the living room now.  On Monday I got a phone call from The BG saying he wanted to go buy a new coffee table and find some lighting!!!! WHAT?? HE wanted to buy more stuff out of the precious tax return money??  He decided that he was going to claim the new seating area for board game nights with his pals.  I’m no dummy, and I was game to go shopping. LOL

We didn’t find anything that night, but a search on the internet uncovered an  coffee table from World Market that we both loved.

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So we headed out on Tuesday in a huge blizzard to buy the table, and while there we spotted a ginormous floor lamp to cure our overhead lighting problem (there is no overhead lighting in here!!)

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I slip covered the Target slipper chairs to match the loveseat slipcover and while purchasing my fabric I found this cute little side table at Hobby Lobby for 35.00!!!

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All told we spent about $850.00 which I think is pretty darn frugal for a living room! =)

loveseat- Ikea 270.00

curtains and rods for 7 windows- Ikea 130.00

coffee table- World Market 250.00

lighting- World Market 100.00

slip cover fabric and side table- Hobby Lobby 100.00

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And The BG already tried out the “gaming corner” last night with a friend playing board games.  His verdict? Money well spent!

Have  a great day!


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10 comments on “Living Room on a Tight Fisted Budget

  1. Brenda says:

    Wow! What a great job! Well done working together. We, my hubs and I, do not always agree upon furniture, he is more modern, I more vintage, cottage, country look. So he has his den which he picked out all the furniture and I have the rest of the house. 🙂 With a little input from him of coarse.

  2. nanette says:

    well, it is lovely. I’m a big fan of white in a living room since watching the movie “as good as it gets” (I think that is the title). white is so clean and simple that you set the tone for other accents. And it is restful. I love what you did. The angles make everything so interesting.

  3. Char says:

    Very, very nice Melissa, I love it!
    Makes me want to work on mine!

  4. Maggie says:

    Awesome job Melissa looks fabulous!

  5. Joy says:

    Your new living room looks great! I have to tell you tho……there is NO WAY I would let a bunch of guys have their game night anywhere near all the white! Good luck with that one. I too love the crisp look of white, it is very calming somehow.

  6. Linda Hoch says:

    You may claim not to have a decorator gene in your body but the evidence is to the contrary. Job well done!! Yes, a rug will anchor the entire room but that will come in time … enjoy your pooch! I love the sailboat on the cabinet in the corner. Is that an antique?

  7. Stephanie O says:

    Love it! That is my dream coffee table!

    Do you allow your blog photos to be pinned on Pinterest?

  8. marylou55 says:

    Nice! I think you are a decorator even if you don’t think you are.

  9. Charlotte S says:

    You definitely have a decorator’s touch. Great job!

    Charlotte S.

  10. mary cait says:

    Very charming! I’m quite jealous.

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