Garden journaling and some quilty stuff too.

We have been busy beavers out in the backyard.

This weekend I spent time cleaning up the shade garden weeding and moving a pile of brick and stone debris.  You wouldn’t believe all the weird stuff we found while cleaning out and making a shade garden under the pine trees back there.  I even found a pair of rusty old spurs that goes on cowboy boots. Huh…weird to find in the city right??

This is the corner  where  it was all piled…I kept some of the bricks and just laid them out there for now until I can figure out a use for them.  On the list for  some coming weekend is to paint the little shed there.  The brown building behind my shade garden is the neighbors shed… so not much I can do about it unless he lets us paint it. =)

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Some of the concrete and blocks I broke up and made a little pathway beside our little red garage leading to a bench my Daddy made me.

cornbread and beans blog 032

Mom gave me a bunch of hosta and fern to plant out here. I am LOVING the fern and hope it grows up nice and tall to hide the neighbors shed.

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We also spent a lot of time taking the pallets apart that the patio bricks were delivered on.  What to make, what to make?? We finally decided that we would just make a tall planter box for right behind the tiny patio.  So sweet BG banged it out and then we filled it with shade loving plants.

cornbread and beans blog 029

cornbread and beans blog 030Half way through making it , I thought it would have made a cute little bar, just put a larger top on and buy some cool retro bar stools,  but the hubs put the kabosh on that. LOL He just wanted to be done I think.

cornbread and beans blog 028

The window boxes and container are starting to fill out.

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Now we are starting to plan the transition from our backyard to our side yard. I promised The BG when we got the backyard somewhat situated that I would help him with the hill leading down to the side lot we recently purchased.

We took out the section of fence that separated the two yards and plan to build an arch/pergola with a gate there.

cornbread and beans blog 037

Here’s looking back in from the other side, the grass is still trying to fill itself in where no grass grew before. Come on baby grass, you can do it!!

cornbread and beans blog 035

This is to the left when you walk in from the side yard.  This is my one good sunny flower bed, that I have yet to fill up.  Mom gave me some wonderful plants and has more to share if I get my bootie over there.  But it looks like I have some weeds there to keep the dirt company for now. =)~

cornbread and beans blog 036

So now just to wait for the money fairy so we can buy the dirt to regrade the hill and build some stairs down to the side yard.


In quilt-y news:

I have been having a huge crush on Lori Holt’s fabric lines.  I couldn’t resist Bake Sale and decided to make a little project for my retro themed kitchen.

cornbread and beans blog 003

I decided Sue Daley’s little clamshell pattern would do the trick!

I even hand quilted it!!!!! I wouldn’t advise looking at my stitches though, it was my first try. =) Instead of binding it I put it in a frame.

cornbread and beans blog 015

cornbread and beans blog 005

cornbread and beans blog 008

I finished the apple core too and hand quilted it as well.  I’m going to frame it  for the kitchen as wel but I need to buy some mat board.

cornbread and beans blog 022

Have you seen Geekly Chic?  Pink old school t.v.’s ……YUUUUUMMMMM. I had to have some… even though I don’t have a clue what I will make.

It’s just fits the retro mood I’m in these days! I blame it on Mad Men. cornbread and beans blog 020

Later gators!!


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9 comments on “Garden journaling and some quilty stuff too.

  1. Michelle says:

    I wonder if you had real cowboys in the yard or maybe little boys playing at being cowboys….it’s a neat little mystery! Did you keep the spurs?

    Love your clamshell quilt and the apple cores!

  2. Sharon Eshlaman in Galesburg says:

    Your yard and garden looks wonderful. Hostas are one of my favorites. One of those benches looks like a great place to sit, stitch and sip a nice glass of wine. Enjoy.

  3. Kathy Foster says:

    Hi, MIssy – love what you’re doing in your yard… I’m just starting the yard in my new house, and your mom and I were just talking the other night about how we both wish I lived closer so that she could share flowers with me. We decided we’d just have to share pictures instead. So seeing what you’re doing in your yard, especially with some plants from your mom’s yard, is really special to me. I love your property – it reminds me a lot of where your mom and I grew up. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world…:)

  4. Sue says:

    You guys sure are hard workers. Your place looks wonderful. I’ve been out in the yard too, redoing all those beds I had to move last year when the basement got repaired.

    I love your retro quilts! The clamshell is one of my favorites!

    Happy summer to you!!


  5. Hiya Kathy! I’ll be watching for your garden pics on Facebook! I’m so happy for you to have your new house and garden. I could never even match my Mom’s garden, she and Dad are insanely hard workers out there and it always shows. Their place is like a garden magazine. It must have come from Grandpa Sutterfield!! LoL I actually have some sedum from Grandpa that Mom gave me at my first house, she took it and planted it at her house when we moved , and she just gave it back to me. It means so much to me to have a little VL in my garden!! Happy House settling!❤ Sent from my iPhone

  6. leeanne says:

    Lovely work in the garden, fancy finding spurs in the garden? Maybe a cowboy fell off there years ago!

  7. Lee says:

    Your garden is beautiful. I love the idea of shade plants…especially the ferns. You almost always have to acquire those ferns from someone who has a flower bed. You don’t see them for sale very often…at least not in North Carolina.
    Your kitchen is so darn cute. You did a great job and it looks like you had fun! I look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for such a splendid post. Lee

  8. Mary says:

    Your garden looks beautiful. You have really made a difference in that area. I also love the framed quilts you have done. They are going to be perfect in the kitchen.

  9. Charlotte S says:

    You really do have a gardener’s touch – everything looks so inviting.

    Also like the clamshell project. I want to do a clamshell quilt in Civil War fabrics but need to get started.

    Great job,

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