Endless Summer ( I wish!)

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!

How are you??

I am well and happy, as this may go on record as my favorite summer of all time.

We have been so many wonderful places,  we have seen so many beautiful things, and we have made so many memories that I couldn’t ever possibly fit them into a blog post. Instead I made a couple of collages, and that will have to suffice for my long absence from blog land.

Summer 13

I was just thinking how odd it is that we Michiganders seem to cram so much  living into the 3 to 4 short months that make up our summer season.  It is like we have to  gobble up every last moment of  sunny skies and warm breezes because we know that just around the bend is the dreaded hibernation time we call winter.

Summer 13 3

I have a hunch that it’s really what makes summer so darn sweet, because it is just so darn short!

We took full advantage and haven’t wasted a moment.  Since June, when last we spoke,  we traveled all over our great state, camped, swam, kayaked, biked, hiked, bon-fired, site saw, wined, dined,  relaxed, read,  and strummed our guitars in the sunsets.

In our extended family we’ve had two graduates, and one wedding.  In our own little family all of us turned one year older ( well my youngest doesn’t turn 10 until Thursday) and the hubs and I celebrated our 15th anniversary.

Summer 13 2

I can feel it winding down as the school shopping ad’s come out and the air is already a little  bit chilly .  I’ve even been in my sewing room the last couple of days!!! We still have some trips up our sleeves, and you can bet I will be hanging on to summer until I see the first leaf turn orange.

Talk soon!



6 comments on “Endless Summer ( I wish!)

  1. Sue says:

    Sounds like you have been enjoying this lovely state. I think you are right in that we all try to cram as much as we can into our short summers, and it is worth it. I love Michigan.

    Oh and BTW…I am now a grandma to a very pretty little girl. So happy!

  2. enjoy while you can

  3. Brenda says:

    Oh how wonderful to see you all enjoying the season. Your babes are growing so fast, they’re little ladies now and I see someone has lost her glasses and “baby” face. Wow. Are you ready for the next stage? Better be, it’s coming fast. GP seemed to hit puberty “yesterday” and now everyone thinks he’s a young man. I get weird looks when I ask, “have you seen a boy wearing a XXX shirt come by?” and then they see me with GP who is now 5’7″ and towers over me, HAHAHA. Time flies so time spent making memories to cherish is time well spent. Thanks for sharing them with us. =)

  4. Kathy Foster says:

    What a wonderful commentary on your summer and your family…I saw pictures of your extended family on your mom and dad’s FB pages from Chelsea’s wedding – you guys are sure a nice lookin’ bunch of people. So glad you’re enjoying this time with your family.

    While I love living near the mountains in UT, seeing your pictures of the lakes sure makes me miss home. Sounds like you’ve really taken advantage of all that Michigan has to offer this time of year!

    Thanks for the post! -Kathy

  5. Mary says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful time making family memories. The girls will look back fondly on all of their experiences. I’ll bet you hate to see summer coming to an end.

    Happy anniversary to you two!

  6. Linda Hoch says:

    Our first full summer “Up North” in Michigan (Traverse City). Retired and moved here … it’s BETTER than our greatest dreams come true. We love it here … it is heaven!! Even love the SNOW!!! Glad you had a great summer … you were missed but kept up via Facebook. Capture the fun while you can … we’ll be here to hear about your adventures. BTW … we also celebrated our 15th anniversary this summer (July 25th). It really DOES fly by ….. Linda

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