What a mish-mash…

…of sewing I have been doing this summer.

There’s  been a varied and eclectic mix of projects making their way out of my sewing room this summer. They for the most part have been out of my color pallet comfort zone.

In between creating my own patterns (none of which are actually written up yet, and only a few are quilted and bound,) I’ve been dinking around with using up a lot of weird stash.

You know the stash I am talking about, stuff you bought Goodness knows when and for Goodness knows what!!??!!

Many of these stash-using attempts have resulted in some ” U-G-L-Y I don’t have no alibi” quilts that will end up being used for camping, or kid sleep overs, or some other “I don’t care what happens to it” quilt needs.


stuff 068

ewww, now that is just ugly.  Not the pattern from buggy barn, but the fat quarters I used are just not working for me.  But they were there and needed to be used.

Then there were some things that had real ugly-ness potential  that I actually ended up liking, like this new shower curtain I sewed up using old Amy Butler fabric I  have had around forever. I was going to make some of her clothing patterns out of it…..that never happened.

stuff 040

In my attempt to tone down our PINK tiled bathroom, I decided I would embrace the ugliness and try to go Bohemian Chic on it’s butt!!! LOL I was thinking Moroccan/Indian/Hippie.

Here’s my mood board:

Mood board

Isn’t that pink Venetian mirror Ah-mazing? Too bad I don’t have 900.00 to buy it!

Side Note:  Did you know that there is a whole website and flicker group dedicated to saving the Pink Tiled Bathroom? Click on the banner to check it out.


So because I spent all my money traveling this summer and can’t afford to rip out the bathroom, I feel as if I am doing my part to save a bit of history!! Win/Win right?

I found a great deal on a dark brown bamboo rug , nice fluffy new towels, and some great world-travel feeling baskets,  now I just need to hit World Market for some decorations and silk sari’s for the window dressing.   I’ll show you the results when I am done.

So while my empty pocket book self would love to rip out and have something like this:

dream bathroom

I’ll probably end up with something like this:



Bloom where you’re planted right?

Annnnnd moving on.

I had to dig deep inside for some fortitude to work on my house blocks from Home Sweet Home. I am BOUND and DETERMINED to finish this quilt.  I got 2 more blocks done and am working on the 4th.

stuff 056

I got a couple of quilts back from the quilter and put bindings on!  The garden girls that has been around forever,and I even tried to sell the flimsy once.  I thought I better finish it up or it would rot. LOL I noticed after I got it back that I never finished appliqueing the leaves on…opps.  Now that’s what you call primitive, hehehe flowers with no leaves.

stuff 065

And the quilt I made in January came back too!

stuff 052

The last few days I have been making scrappy trip around the world blocks for my daughter.  Should turn out to be a cute quilt for her room.

stuff 075

Using up all this stash should really warrant a fabric shopping trip for Momma soon!

Later gators,


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4 comments on “What a mish-mash…

  1. leeanne says:

    Oh such a funny post!! I can totally relate to the stash! What were we thinking??
    You could always give what you call the ‘ugly quilts’ to charity?
    I like your house blocks, there is something about house quilts isn’t there?

  2. Mary says:

    Ah yes….those pink tiled bathrooms! My aunt and uncle had one. I like the shower curtain though.

    Love the scrappy trip. That is on my “to do” list. I love yours.

  3. Rosemarie Graham says:

    melissa, love your house blocks. your other ones are really nice too!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sarah says:

    I like your so-called “ugly” quilt! What does that say about me? I also like pink tiled bathrooms. LOL. Your work is lovely.

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