My new vintage bar cart.

candbeans bar cart 016

It all started this past summer when I found this great vintage looking ashtray while The BG and I were out and about in Saugatuk, MI.

I kept having visions of a vintage bar cart for my fabulous ashtray to sit on (even though The BG quit smoking,  and for our last two houses I never, ever smoke inside.)

candbeans bar cart 011

Suddenly I was obsessed with finding a bar cart. I found out that they are pretty darn expensive!  I was almost committed to buying a new one online from Wayfair, when the antique fairy sprinkled her dust on me one Saturday.

Side note: Oh how I miss my Mom!! She is still in Texas taking care of my Uncle, and The BG makes a poor antique shopping pal next to her! LOL   He is always wandering off and won’t stay next to me oohing and ahhing at things. Come home Mommy!!!

There she was a little vintage tea cart for $20.00 WOW!!  I knew right away she was destined to become my bar cart.  I had to buy some metallic gold spray paint to spruce up her dinged up metal, but after that she was good to go.

I went about decorating her with martini, rocks, and wine glasses.  I tried to mix a little silver and gold together for some twinkle.

candbeans bar cart 014

candbeans bar cart 003

It will be great fun locating vintage barware to add.  I already came across this really cool cocktail for two set made by Libby Glass still in the box.

cornbread and beans 054

Love it! Cocktail anyone?

cornbread and beans 048

It fits just perfectly tucked into a corner in our family room until which time I have to move the liquor to a locked closet when my girls get older and may try to take a nip! LOL

candbeans bar cart 005

Later gators!



5 comments on “My new vintage bar cart.

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh Melissa, that is so funky, and retro. How fun… and it looks amazing in that spot too. I love that you found the cart for the ashtray and not the ashtray for the cart. LOL

  2. Cindy says:

    I got one just like yours for free! Just had to buy a house! The previous left it, among other stuff!

  3. Linda Hoch says:

    How fun is that! Good score, girlfriend!! My cousin lives in Saugatuck ~ love to visit her and “explore” … lots to see! Your new display is so “Mad Men” ….. Linda

  4. Sue says:

    I tried leaving a comment here yesterday, but couldn’t for some reason. I just want to say that I love your vintage findings, but I am especially fond of that bottle of Kahlua on the cart 😉

  5. Mary says:

    You did a great job on it. Your mom will be proud of your find. That ashtray is so retro!!! Now you need some of those old classic corkscrews!!!

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