Christmas Mantel 2013

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I know there two schools of thought on decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving,  but everyone who knows me knows that I am firmly in the camp of decorate early, enjoy it longer!!!

If you are firmly in the camp of waiting, maybe you can save my next few posts for a week or two.  I hope you will still be my friend. LOL

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So I had a nice blank new canvas to decorate this year after our over mantel redo.  I knew I wanted something simple, like a winter lodge feel. I brought an old piece of fence in from outside and added a wreath pieced together from two old wreaths I had laying around and a pine cone and pip berry garland.  A plaid ribbon and paper bow , and a sweet pair of thrifted skates finished it off.

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I found some tall, red candle pillars, birch like candles, and a sparkly white deer to add to one side.

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A simple tree in a chippy bucket, and two more sparkly white deer on the other side.

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I’m hoping it conveys the “winter lodge” feel I was going for.

I’ll be sharing the rest of the living room and Christmas decorating in the next few posts.

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Later gators,


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8 comments on “Christmas Mantel 2013

  1. Roberta says:

    Oh wow! I love your look…

  2. Kathy Foster says:

    Love it, as always. Even tho I don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving (I start as soon as everyone leaves on Thursday night), I love the fact that you do. Hope your Christmas is merry!!!!

  3. Rosemarie Graham says:

    Melissa, I’m like you ,the earlier, the better. Love your decor. You nailed it!!!!!

  4. Sue in MI says:

    We often go away for Thanksgiving so I like to get my decorating before we leave. Your decorations look wonderful…can’t wait to see what else you do.

  5. Mary says:

    It is beautiful and looks like it should be in a magazine!!!

  6. Lee says:

    Great decorating ideas. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. Linda H says:

    Don’t they say we’re supposed to “keep Christmas all year long”? Well, then never too early! LOL Nice job … love the feel … your house is looking beautiful! Is this your FIRST Christmas in the new place??

  8. bermudagirl says:

    As always great post. You did an excellent job of upcycling and getting that lodge look. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas season.

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