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Well tomorrow’s the big day for all the turkey roasters! I’ve gotta say I’m pretty nervous! I’ve been going over and over all the recipes I collected for properly cooking the turkey, the gravy and the stuffing, just hoping for good results.  I don’t mind if it isn’t amazing, that would be great, but really I am just aiming for cooked!!! LOL

I’m just the pie baker usually, but this year it’s the whole sha-bang. The pies are in the oven as we speak, so the easy part is getting done today! Our guests arrive tonight and we’re all excited and ready for the visit.

I thought I would share the rest of my living room decorating with you today while the pies bake.

So as I was going for a “winter lodge” feeling, I decided I needed to make some sweater pillows.  I dug through salvation army sweaters until I found the perfect ski lodge looking red sweater.

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I tried to keep the table behind the love seat simple.  That is really hard for me! I have so much Christmas decor, and my inclination is to use everything because I love Christmas “nick nacks” as my husband calls them. Hehehe

I wasn’t very successful about using less in the dinning room, as you will see in later posts,  but the living room feels fairly simple to me.  Well as simple as I am able to go!

The coffee table got the galvanized pan with a faux boxwood candle wreath and a couple candycanes. I filled the apothecary jar with some jingle bells.

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I kept the base of the fall vignette, and just added some bottle brush trees, and my winter sign.

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I found this wonderful junk shop in Urbandale that also holds auctions once a week.  I popped on their auction site a couple weeks ago and saw these chicken wire lanterns.

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I won them for a dollar a piece! What a bargain! I added some greens and berries and put electronic candles in them. They look so sweet glowing at night on our stairway.

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I’ll be back next week to share the rest of the decking of the halls.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

May God continue to bless you and your family as HE blesses our family every day.

Gobble, gobble,


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7 comments on “Christmas Living Room

  1. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Rest assured – your quests will feel welcome and warm. Your home is decorated beautifully and tastefully. Enjoy the day and thanks for the show – it gave me some great decorating ideas.

  2. Mary says:

    It all looks so beautiful, Melissa. I love those pillows.

  3. Brenda says:

    Wow, love your Christmas decor. Hold Thanksgiving here at our house also. Have only brought up two of the small skinny lite tree and put in the living room corner for the pretty lights. No ornaments on them yet and probably I will wait until Friday for that. I am baking today also, going to try the Martha Stewart tip from the today show for my turkey this year. She put three layers of parchment around it until the last hour that she uncovered to brown. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Miss Jean says:

    Your home is lovely and will be just beautiful for the holidays. I’m seriously going to go to some thrift stores to find some sweaters! You sure brought back memories when you mentioned Urbandale. Us kids used to bike from Level Park to Urbandale to go to Bell Drugs. Sweet memories! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Linda H says:

    All the blessings and graces of the Thanksgiving season to you and your family ~ it has been quite an eventful year for you all! LOVE the Christmas sweater pillows … predict a “run” on those after people see your clever re-use. Your dinner will be wonderful … you’ll have loved ones and family around you … what more could you add to that menu?

  6. Nancy says:

    Love the decorating!!!! Congratulations on the wire lanterns…what an awesome find.

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