What I’m Making…

Baby it’s cold outside!

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And snowing like crazy for 3 or 4 days.  It’s almost to the tops of my boots and my painting sweat pants ! LOL

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Perfect sewing weather wouldn’t you say?  I’ve been making my gifties for sister-in-laws.

I have been really wanting a small messenger bag for awhile now.  They are so convenient for shopping so you don’t have to lug your whole purse, just slip in your phone and wallet, and it really saves on the shoulder pain!

So this year my sisters-in-law are getting what I wanted , I made us all one.

10 cute messenger bags:

PicMonkey CollageThey are made with really nice decor weight khaki fabric, lined with some cute daisy fabric.  I ordered some really cute leather daisy buttons from Cindy’s Buttons, but I can’t decide if I should add them or not.  What do you think?

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I made a lap quilt for Minate’s teacher and one for my Mom-in-law.

They are both flannel backed, and loosely quilted for that puffy, comfy feel.

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And Grandma Straub is getting a new little table topper with the left overs:

cornbread and beans blog 013

Last weekend we busted out the Egg Nog for The BG and I,

cornbread and beans blog 008

The shrimp for Minate (she made quick work of it!)

cornbread and beans blog 009 Cranked up the Christmas tunes, and put up the family tree.

cornbread and beans blog 007

As we were pulling out the family ornaments, including the ones we all picked out this year, we were cracking up at The BG’s choices of ornaments. He tries to pick the ugliest ornaments he can find!!! This year’s was a 4 eyed curly haired alien!   My favorites are the ones the girls have made over the years with their school pictures.  Time sure has flown by.

I sure hope you are enjoying the season!!!


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10 comments on “What I’m Making…

  1. Judy Hansen says:

    I like your messenger bags. I’d give them the option of adding the button or not, after you give them the bags. That way, they can make the choice themselves.

  2. Teri Maisner says:

    Love the messenger bags!!! My first thought was yes add the button, but then I read Judy’s post and that is a better idea… how long is the handle on the bag?

  3. Linda H says:

    Love the bags and I definitely WOULD add the buttons … too cute! I’m with Minate on the shrimp and you can pour me another glass of egg nog .. love that stuff!

  4. It was yummy egg nog Linda! =)

  5. Hi Terri! The handles are about 45 inches I think? I made the pattern up as I went and didn’t write it down.

  6. Oh good idea! That gave me the idea of making pins out of them. That way if they don’t want them they can take them off!

  7. leeanne says:

    Man it’s hot here! The total opposite! The snow looks lovely.

  8. Mary says:

    It looks cold!!! Brrr. I love the messenger bags and your quilts are so pretty in those colors. They will make great gifts.

    My favorite ornaments are also the ones with the kid’s pictures on them.

  9. Charlotte S says:

    Your home looks picture perfect! I would go with the button on the messenger bag – adds a little zing!

  10. Ruth says:

    Your messenger bags and quilty gifts are lovely! And I would add the button on the bag.

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