OCW Sew Along part 2

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Let’s cut out the center diamond. It is cut a little bigger than you need because 1. I couldn’t figure out how big to cut it and 2. I’m too lazy to figure it out since this isn’t a pattern for sale.

Soooo this is how I did it. You might be smarter than me and know how to figure it out a better way.

Cut a 6 3/4 inch strip from your white fabric. Then line up your 60 degree ruler mark along the top.

cornbread and beans blog 004

Make your cut on the right hand side.

cornbread and beans blog 005

Now move your ruler over to the 6 3/4 inch mark along the left hand side and the 60 degree mark along the top.

cornbread and beans blog 007

Make your cut along the right hand side.

And that is your center diamond. We will trim it down later when we join the rows.

cornbread and beans blog 012

Okay Lets Make The Rows

You should have your project laid out into rows, and we’ll be sewing the diamonds together into diagonal rows. The first and last row do not need to be joined to anything, as it is just one diamond.

ocw sew along

So starting with the second row place your diamonds right sides together and sew using 1/4 inch.  Always pressing toward the darker fabric.

If you used the 2 1/2 stripper tool it’s easy to see where to line up.

cornbread and beans quilting blog 018

If you cut diamonds with your regular ruler you are going to have to do a little more work.. Make sure your diamond tips are overlapping by 1/4 inch on both sides.

cornbread and beans blog 013

Lets Sew The Rows Together

Once you have all of your rows put together we will then join the rows.

 Join rows 1-8 together

rows 9-11 together

rows 12 – 14 together

and rows 15 -22 together.

Tips for joining the rows:

It’s not like sewing squares together as the seams don’t butt up.  Instead you have to make little V’s that span a 1/4 inch along the top of the V.

Start by lining up your end, if you have the blunt ends from using the 2 1/2 inch stripper ruler you just line it up.

cornbread and beans blog 020

If you don’t have the blunt end remember to let your diamond tip overhang by 1/4 inch.

cornbread and beans blog 021

Since we pressed toward the darker fabric we have two different versions of lining up,

One will look like this, all the seams will make a v and should be 1/4 inch across it.


And the next seam will look like this, I tried to take a picture up against the light so you could see the v it makes.


Be patient with yourself, and pin, pin, pin. Don’t worry it if isn’t perfect, no one likes perfect people. LOL

After All The Rows Are Together

Now we’re ready to assemble the center. Pick up your joined rows 9-11 and sew it to your center diamond. (these are not the actual rows just demo’s I made up because I forgot to take pictures the first time)

cornbread and beans blog 025

Join it at the bottom and don’t forget to leave the 1/4 hangover.

cornbread and beans blog 027

After you press open, you can then square it up by cutting off the extra with your ruler and rotary cutter.

cornbread and beans blog 029

Once you’ve trimmed you can then add your joined rows12-14 to the other side.

cornbread and beans blog 031

Continue joining until it’s all put together.

You should have something that looks like this:


Okay, I’ll be back next week for borders and the applique.

Later gators!