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Cornbread and Beans quilting 011

I am LOVING crocheting rag rugs! It’s so fun, in fact, that it may lead me to crocheting a new wardrobe.  Want some crocheted pants anyone? There is something very soothing about the motions.  Maybe it brings me back to a favorite memory of being home sick when I was a little girl.  My Mom was a bus driver and had to do her afternoon bus run, so she showed me how to crochet a chain stitch to keep busy while she was gone.  When she got back I had chained the whole skein of yarn!! We still giggle about that now and then.

Other than my prosperous beginnings with crocheting way back then, I had never made anything.  It’s super easy and a few you tube videos had me going in a heartbeat.  After a small version for the camper, I decided I would make one up for the front porch. I dug into my homespuns for this one.

Here’s my fall version on the front porch:

cornbread and beans quilting 013

Then I decided I missed crocheting and decided to go to the salvation army and picked out some table cloths and sheets and made a Christmas version for the front porch too!

Cornbread and Beans quilting 003

It only cost me $15.00 for the Christmas version, compared to the yards and yards of fabric I used for the fall version which translates into BIG MONEY with the price of fabric.   I’m deducing that it’s much cheaper to go with  cast off sheets and table cloths from thrift shops.  If I were a true old school rag rugger I would use our old clothes and things, but that’s just too much work.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 012

I also finished up my all wool quilt that had been languishing in the closet.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 004

When I first finished this quilt  top I had visions of it being used at football games.  It had it’s first trip a few weekends ago when our family went to the CMU Homecoming! I’m happy to say it is the best football quilt ever!

PicMonkey Collage

We camped in Mt. Pleasant with my best buds from college and had a blast tailgating and watching the Mighty Chips win the game.  I had to wear 2 coats to keep from freezing, but it was well worth it!

Later Gators!


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6 comments on “Latest Obession

  1. gayleburton says:

    I’m so impressed that your rugs lay nice and flat – I know that ripples often happen on these crocheted rugs – good job! Brilliant idea for using sheets to make them with – I love recycling – or upcycling as it’s called these days.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I love both your rugs! I just finished a rag rug using the “toothbrush” technique and I didn’t like my results. I’m interested in trying a crochet one next. How wide are your strips and what size hook did you use?
    Thanks ~ Jeanne

  3. susan says:

    love the rugs and the wool quilt! can you tell us the specifics of it? did you piece the top as normal? batting? backing? how was it quilted/tied?? i really would love one of my own!

  4. Linda Morrison says:

    I love your rugs…… both beautiful! I like the idea of going to thrift stores to get the fabrics to make these! I’ll give it a try even though I haven’t crocheted in years. The wool quilt is beautiful too!!!!😊

  5. Angie says:

    I am IN LOVE with your rugs—you did a fabulous job (and that wool quilt is to dye for, girl)—I’m like Jeanne, curious about what size strips and hook you used. You do have a lovely blog. 🙂

  6. Linda H says:

    MOST intriguing. LOVE learning stuff from YouTube … will have to check this out. Nice job and they are perfect for those areas, too! Don’t you love finishing up a UFO … it’s so cathartic to get something off the “to do” list! Linda

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