The Wool Quilt Questions Answered


( picture of wool top before quilting and binding)

I had quite a few emails asking for specifics about the wool quilt, so I thought I would jot down the answers here for anyone else wondering.

***some people that I already emailed back I made a mistake in telling you the amount of patches in the rows. Sorry =(

Here are the simple instructions :  the wool patches are 5 x 7 1/2 inches and just sewn into rows. I sewed the wool just like I would sew with cotton fabric.  I made the rows 7 patches wide x 13 patches long. You could certainly make the quilt larger , just use more patches in each row. I used a high loft batting,  minky fabric on the back , and just stitched in the ditch vertically only for the quilting.  I used a black homespun for the binding.  It makes a nice heavy and thick little throw quilt that measures about 49 x 58.5 inches.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 004

Hope this helps!!


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  1. Thanks Melissa for the info! Can’t wait to get going on my wool scrappy quilt.
    Regards, Nettie

  2. susan says:

    it does! thanks so much. i will be starting on mine this week!

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