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Cornbread and Beans quilting 025

It’s our first snowfall of the year today! My daughter Patience woke up singing Christmas carols. God bless her little heart, she is taking after her momma.

Along with the pillows, I’ve been making merry with other projects.

First I needed a new quilt don’t ya know! Using a block from a pattern in APQ from Dec. 2013, and just adding my own borders I came up with this quilt that reminds me of a Christmas sweater!

Cornbread and Beans quilting 049Matches my pillows too. The BG was a little worried I was going overboard with the red this year.  But I’m comfortable with it, there’s some white too…simmer down. I suspect the real reason for his distrust is that it’s Ohio State colors….yuck, we are true Blue in this house.

For the living room I went way outside my norm and went with bright colors this year. I started by making this huge bulb wreath. It’s so colorful and sparkly in real life.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 029Cornbread and Beans quilting 024Then of course the living room tree had to have bright bulbs too. I made a colorful felt garland to go with it.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 021

I’m almost done sprucing up the rest of the house and then it’s on to making gifts.  Not sure what I’m going to make this year, but I better figure it out!!

Enjoy the snow if you can =)

Later gators, Melissa

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5 comments on “More Making

  1. Connie Jerrell says:

    Love your decorations for all holidays, but these are exceptional!! Enjoy seeing them.

  2. Linda Morrison says:

    Your Christmas decor is stunning I really like the bulb wreath!

  3. Chantal Shaw says:

    Your decorations are stunning. How did you make the bauble wreath? What is underneath all those gorgeous baubles? I love the deer cushions too! It all looks so festive!

  4. bermudagirl says:

    Love the Nordic look and your quilt, amazing!! The wreathes are beautiful too! Great work!

  5. Leah partner says:

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!!! I always eagerly await your posts!

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