My dream light

I’ve fallen in love…with a light fixture.

It all started out innocently enough. I was searching cyber land for a new light fixture for the kitchen.  Currently there is a circa 1979 ceiling fan in there that would make a grown man cry from the shear pain its ugliness casts upon the eyes.

Then I saw it. Love at first sight.  Even though it would not go in my kitchen, it sure would look beautiful in my piano room, or maybe my dining room?

F1285Troy Lighting Sausalito 5 Light Chandelier

Here’s the picture that made me fall in love:


Only problem is that the lowest price I have found it for is $722.00.

Eh…yeah. I guess I’ll keep dreaming!

Later gators,


4 comments on “My dream light

  1. Linda Morrison says:

    Nice light!

  2. Susie Crockett says:

    I am going to buy that light for you when I win the lottery. Love you!

  3. Linda H says:

    I’ll bet you could find a knock off of it in a catalog … persevere … if you want it bad enough you’ll find one like it! It’s a BEAUTY!!

  4. Janet Crenshaw says:

    I bet someone as creative as you could make it!!

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