Mini Baskets and other things…

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Man OH Man have I been a lay about this January. While everyone else is talking exercise, organizing, cleaning, fresh starts…I have been laying around watching netflix and playing games on my phone!!!

My get up and go, got up and went as they say! HAHA

I have managed to get some winter decor up after all the Christmas was taken down.  But it really took me a long time.

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Browsing pinterest the other day I came across this wonderful mini quilt from Galloping Pony. Isn’t it fabulous?

DCF 1.0

I really can’t sew as small as those blocks are and stay sane, so I’m making 4 inch baskets blocks. Just a couple a day. We’ll see where this goes. Maybe a sew along?


When I was all cleaned up from Christmas I noticed I really needed a neutral table runner for our coffee table/ trunk.

I went through my cream scrap bin and cut up some strips, sewed them up and quilted wavy lines.

cornbread and beans 036

It was just want I needed for the table. I have a ton of extra strips so I thought maybe I would make up a couple of kits and put them up here next week if anyone needs a neutral table runner of their own!

 cornbread and beans 033

Hope your January has been wonderful!

Later gators,


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6 comments on “Mini Baskets and other things…

  1. susan says:


  2. Jane says:

    sweet baskets and your table runner in neutrals looks fab!

  3. Mother Hen says:

    Well we already know that you are no slouch.. Love your photos and creative touch. If I was going to start a simple sewing project what do you suggest.. Now I am talking about like a pot holder and I am serious.. Thank you! I have a little feather weight that my husband bought me months ago and it’s sitting there looking kind of sad and lonely..

  4. Linda Morrison says:

    Sweet little baskets! Love the table runner too!

  5. Mary says:

    Your colors are wonderful in both projects. Those little baskets are going to be gorgeous.

  6. gayleburton says:

    The quilt you made for your trunk is awesome – I love the way you quilted it! Basket blocks are so much fun to make – looks like each of yours will be slightly different? I wonder what ever happened to Galloping Pony? I don’t think she’s done anything for a long time now – her work is so amazing!

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