A Modern Take on Cafe Curtains

Project Sewing Room Redo is moving right along.  Even my iphone got a cute sewing themed makeover a little bit ago!

c and beans sewing room 037

I have finished the new curtains, put a fresh coat of paint on the storage furniture, made a new ironing board cover (finally!! OMGOSH when I took the old one off it literally stood up by itself from all the starch and grime.)   I am waiting on my fuchsia chandelier to arrive before doing some after photos. It’s looking much lighter and brighter!

The previous owner had sewn simple blinds from cream linen and hung them like a cafe curtain. That is what I’ve lived with in the space. And here you also get a glimpse of the horrifying green  and nasty beige paint!


Since it is a sewing room AND on the second floor, there really is no need for full blinds or curtains.  I actually love the extra light that comes from having the top portion of the window uncovered.

I wanted to stick with a cafe type curtain, but didn’t want anything ruffly.   Something a little more that just a chunk of fabric hanging there like before was needed though.

I decided to make just one box pleat in the middle and let the print of the fabric be the “design.” They are lined with white cotton on the back.

c and beans sewing room 003

I think they turned out looking pretty cool and modern!

c and beans sewing room 004

I had just enough left over to make two skinny panels for the other window to bring some pattern to that wall.


6 comments on “A Modern Take on Cafe Curtains

  1. Linda H says:

    Looks pretty cool. I’m not a “modern” person (per se) but you did an EXCELLENT job on those panels, not losing the design in the middle. Job well done! UGH!! That paint would have driven me crazy … looking much better. I smiled when I saw the “Princess” phone … got one of those as a Christmas present from my parents when I was 16 … plus my own phone line. I was definitely VERY cool back then …. LOL

  2. Leahpa says:

    Love it! And as usual, you have inspired me. Going to brighten up my sewing room this month with some new curtains!

  3. Martha Cook says:

    Love the curtains. Simple with style:)

  4. Linda Morrison says:

    Very pretty curtains! Much better than the old ones! I like the new wall color too! I’m looking forward to seeing the before and after photos!

  5. Very cool…and I love the way you matched up the print! Brilliant!

  6. Gloria says:

    I had to chuckle when I saw your windows with the openings for the rope, to raise and lower the windows……obviously I don’t know the correct terminology but wanted to share a funny (to me, anyway) story with you. We lived in an older home in Ohio 33 years ago and had those windows. Some with existing ropes and some without. We had a few bats get into the house one time so one night I heard some noise around the windows and since my husband was out of town on business, I got up and taped all the openings with a nylon type tape….I didn’t want to deal with any bats crawling thru those openings!! That is NOT how the bats came into the house but I wasn’t taking any chances!

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