Sewing Room Adventures

Woo HOO it’s finally spring, glorious, spring! (or something almost like it.) Enough of a beginning of spring for us to go out and clean up the flower beds this past weekend, and cook out some steaks on the grill.

I’ve been sewing little projects every day waiting for it to be nice enough to go outside.

Cornbread and Beans 010

A new spring/summer purse with bamboo handles and matching wallet.

Cornbread and Beans 001

The wallet took 2 tries, as I was making up the pattern as I went along.  The first one was rather floppy, so I used timtex on the second go around.

Cornbread and Beans 009

I’m in LOVE with the fabric which was purchased at JoAnn’s (I Know!!) I loved it so much a bought yardage to make curtains for our next camper. It reminds me of retro barkcloth.

Cornbread and Beans 021

A little embroidery project that turned into a block that might turn into a pillow?

Cornbread and Beans 016

Trajectory mini quilt that also might turn into a pillow. You can find the paper piecing template for free here.

Cornbread and Beans 019

A Jack Russell Terrier mini quilt in honor of our Sony-the-wonderdog. She’s going to be 17 this year!! I found the block in an old book of mine.  If anyone needs to know, I’m sure I can dig it out and get the title for you.

Cornbread and Beans 011

The frayed edge jacket by Favorite Things. I’ve had this pattern around for years.  I finally decided now’s the time to make this little bugger.  I started out with this prototype that I’m giving to Mom for Mother’s Day, primarily because I had a hunch I would want mine smaller/more fitted, not because I thought the first one would suck! LOL   I have to finish the lining and adjust the sleeve length on hers (picture is without lining, you’ll see lining on the collar and if you roll up the sleeves when done.) then I’m going to start on mine with some awesome new Cotton and Steel fabric that arrived in the mail recently.

Here are the fat quarters I’m making my jacket out of:

Cornbread and Beans 025

So yummy!

Speaking of fabric arriving in the mail. I’ve had a hard time staying off the computer and pushing the buy button!

Here are some fun things that have showed up recently:

Maker by Art Gallery Fabrics:

Cornbread and Beans 027

Some super fun Pam Kitty Garden:

Cornbread and Beans 030

Adorable Milk, Sugar & Flower by Elea Lutz:

Cornbread and Beans 028

I better get back up to the sewing room!

Have a wonderful day,


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7 comments on “Sewing Room Adventures

  1. Connie Teasley says:

    Great post! Love everything!

  2. Anxious to see more posts on your jackets. As a quilter I have always wanted to make myself a jacket, but could never decide on a pattern or fabric that would look modern and not frumpy.

  3. beth says:

    Love the purse and wallet. Reminds me of a beach vacation. You have some fantastic WIPS and yummy fabrics. Have fun and post lots of pics.

  4. Judy says:

    Love your fabric choices!

  5. Mary says:

    I love your bag! Your mom’s jacket is fabulous too. The Trajectory pillow is going to be beautiful. I hope you share it when you are finished.

  6. Linda Morrison says:

    I love the purse and wallet you made! And the jacket you made for your Mom! I have that same pattern so now I’m going to have to get busy and make one for myself too! I love the fabrics you used on your Mom’s jacket cause I’m of the age that those colors appeal to me! Haha! Love your blog Melissa!! Keep it coming! Linda

  7. sherrym2 says:

    I love your sewing room adventures! It’s all fabulous. Have a great week-end and Happy first day of Spring!

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