Farmhouse Tables

fall tableI’ve been enjoying my farmhouse table my Dad made me for many years. It’s held up to 2 kids, many homework sessions, countless meals, craft sessions, nail paintings, holidays, and good times.

Dad asked me if I would post a pic of his tables here just in case anyone in the Michigan area would like a farmhouse table of their own. He is retired now and loves being in his workshop. He has two tables ready, they can be stained any color. They measure 32″ x 72″ (or 3 by 6 feet.) If you are interested let me know!


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6 comments on “Farmhouse Tables

  1. Mother Hen says:

    Beautiful tables..

  2. Kathy Foster says:

    Melissa, when I visited your mom and dad a couple of months ago, I was amazed and excited to see the quality of your dad’s work. If I lived closer (I’m in UT) I would have your dad’s tables all over my house…:)

  3. I am too far away too, but your dad might offer to make the taller bar height tables for craft tables–they would be excellent for that!

  4. leeanne says:

    gorgeous table, you have a clever daddy!

  5. Mary says:

    Your dad’s table are beautiful. I wish I lived closer.

  6. The Frugal Quilter says:

    What is the asking price? Very pretty . What is the wood?

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