Endless Summer ( I wish!)

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!

How are you??

I am well and happy, as this may go on record as my favorite summer of all time.

We have been so many wonderful places,  we have seen so many beautiful things, and we have made so many memories that I couldn’t ever possibly fit them into a blog post. Instead I made a couple of collages, and that will have to suffice for my long absence from blog land.

Summer 13

I was just thinking how odd it is that we Michiganders seem to cram so much  living into the 3 to 4 short months that make up our summer season.  It is like we have to  gobble up every last moment of  sunny skies and warm breezes because we know that just around the bend is the dreaded hibernation time we call winter.

Summer 13 3

I have a hunch that it’s really what makes summer so darn sweet, because it is just so darn short!

We took full advantage and haven’t wasted a moment.  Since June, when last we spoke,  we traveled all over our great state, camped, swam, kayaked, biked, hiked, bon-fired, site saw, wined, dined,  relaxed, read,  and strummed our guitars in the sunsets.

In our extended family we’ve had two graduates, and one wedding.  In our own little family all of us turned one year older ( well my youngest doesn’t turn 10 until Thursday) and the hubs and I celebrated our 15th anniversary.

Summer 13 2

I can feel it winding down as the school shopping ad’s come out and the air is already a little  bit chilly .  I’ve even been in my sewing room the last couple of days!!! We still have some trips up our sleeves, and you can bet I will be hanging on to summer until I see the first leaf turn orange.

Talk soon!



oh you aint got a thing…

if you aint got that swing!


The BG and I took our first swing dance lessons Saturday night.

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do it, and it was worth the wait!!

I’ve got sore calf muscles, but a grin on my face.

We aren’t this good yet, but if you don’t grin while watching this you must be dead. LOL

Later Gators!



I received some lovely little trinkets yesterday in the mail from Silent Stitches.

They were the best price I found on ADORABLE little embroidery scissors.


Look how cute the packaging was


tiny scissors on the wrapping paper,        OH         MY         GOSH!    I was giddy.

Now for a peak  inside…..scissor LOVE.


I’m off for a sewing weekend at Mom’s house tomorrow.  Hope you all have a superb weekend!

Later Gators,


of banners and stolen things

Bad News:

Well I had a trying day yesterday.  Someone stole my purse right off my kitchen counter.

The back slider must have been left unlocked and someone saw an opportunity to snatch a quick dime either during the day while I was up in my sewing room, or while we were sleeping.

I NEVER leave the door unlocked, I always check.  But the one time I didn’t…

(sigh) I did all the wrong things too…like leaving my SS card in my wallet.  I have meant a million times to take it out and put it in the lock box, but never did.

You know how a woman’s purse is her castle right?  You favorite lipsticks, chapsticks, kids pictures, checkbook, drivers license, etc. I was pretty sick about it at first. But then I just reminded myself  it could have been worse.  My car keys weren’t in it. No one died.

So I spent today at the various government offices and banks etc. taking care of that.

Good News/Bright Side:

I bought a cute new purse and wallet.

Charlene of Puddles of Grace sent me a picture of her signature quilt.  She still needs to add borders, but isn’t it awesome!

Click on the link to check it out!

I have been spending some creative time making a YEAR OF BANNERS for the ole’ bloggity blog.

I have been having so much fun doing this.

Here are some I have made for the upcoming months:

If you would like to make some for your blog, here are some great free digital scrapbooking web sites:

Free Digital Scrapbooking

Shabby Princess

Here is a link to a free photo editing program that I use.  It’s my poor girl’s photoshop!


Okay go lock your doors and make sure your purse is put away in a closet! =)

Later Gators, melissa


I came to this link by way of someone’s blog, but for the life of me I can’t remember where.

I am sharing anyway.

Take some time to watch this, it is incredible and seems meant for any mom, wife, or daughter.

Have tissues handy!


Studio Blog Tour


 Kristina at Sew Domestic  http://kristinawilberg.typepad.com/sewdomestic/  is hosting a Studio Blog Tour all this week.  Stop by to check out where us crafty/quiltly folk spend our time creating.

My creative space is totally a work in progess.  But here’s what I have so far!

crafty space 001


The cutting table looking not too messy (but wait.)

crafty space 003

The do dads UNDER the cutting table= very messy! That cardboard box is filled to the brim with quilt tops waiting to be quilted.




crafty space 006

Here is were I sew and iron.

crafty space 020

Now for a very scary sight! Beware the closet!!!

crafty space 011

crafty space 015


A.. What do you use your space for?

I use my sanctuary for quilting, needle punching, paper crafting, gift wrapping, card making, painting, and for escaping the chaos whenever necessary.  It’s my “Calgon Take Me Away” spot.  I always have a stack of books on c.d. to listen to while I am creating.

B. What is your favorite thing about your space?

It’s the one spot in my house that lets my “inner kid” out and I can decorate it in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with being a grown up!  Not to mention NO ONE is allowed in there so it is an ALL MINE club house! =)

 C. What struggles do you have with your space?

It is way to small. I tried to get the hubbs to let me have the master bedroom for my sewing room, but it was a NO GO. hehehehe

There isn’t any overhead lighting, so at night I have to use 3 lights and an ott light to make it workable.

When I hit the lottery I will design and build an ENORMOUS sewing room!

D. When do you use your space?

I use my space every single day. I sew and craft all hours of the day.

E. Share an organizational technique that works for you.

Organization?  What’s that? LOL  One good way utilize the unused space under a cutting table or side table is to skirt the table with fabric then store containers, plastic drawers, and boxes underneath! 


Hope you had fun visiting my space! Why don’t you head on over and link yours too!
later gators! Melissa