…is what I sound like right now due to the whole left side of my face being numb from the dentist.

Don’t ya hate that?

My crown came off last night while flossing.  It was just luck that my cleaning was scheduled today.

I swear it hurt more than any other dental process I’ve ever had while putting it back on, it was so darn sensitive.

We had to do about 10 shots and I STILL could feel the pain. uggg

Glad that’s over, now just to wear a bib while I drink my morning coffee. giggle.

Mom and I have been having a sewing day each week now that the kiddies are back to school.

We’ve made two minnies so far and the next sew day we’re going for pincushions.  It’s so nice to hang out with her, she’s my favorite!

(the log cabin-y one is jo morton and the shoo fly one is kim diehl)

I finished Mom’s cross stitch just in time for her birthday.  It features her Mom and Dad’s name, and the year they were married.

My grandfather’s name was VL.  Just letters, no periods, no intials…just VL.  His brother’s name was RL.

I’m not really sure why their mother chose letters instead of a traditional name, but I think it’s cool because my Grandpa was the coolest guy EVER!

(free pattern by blackbird designs)

I volunteered to make the Homecoming parade banner for the girl’s elementary school at the last PTA meeting.

I was pretty proud of it when I got it done.

I ran downstairs to show The BG, “Look honey, doesn’t it look good?”

“Umm… Melissa, you spelled Fremont wrong.”

“What???? No I didn’t! F-R-E-E-M-O-N-T right?”  I asked hopefully.

“Nope, Fremont only has 1 E.  It’s a dude’s name.”

I almost cried!  It was all centered and buttonhole stitched down.  So I got out the seam ripper and started ripping at about midnight.

Now it’s all off centered and the glue from where the F used to be is very apparent.  I mean really who spells Free with only one E?  Jesssh. =)~

I’m going to go get it back and put a Bearcat paw there so it won’t be so darn ugly.

But they used it anyway…nice people that they are.

The parade was so fun.  I do love a marching band so.

Along my excursions out last week I found some VERY cute flour sack fabric, a colorful vintage flour sifter, and an awesome new scale.

I’m seeing some cute vignettes for the Shasta with all this.

Have an awesome day and remember to brush and floss! hehehe



The girlies had their first day of school last Tuesday.

Excitement was in the air!

Being the really “with-it”  Mom that I am, I had to scramble to do their hair the night before (opps forgot to make a hair appointment,) and had to dig around in the cupboard for last year’s ADD med’s for Patience (opps forgot to make a Doc appointment.)  But HEY! I had all the really important things done, like new backpacks, new undies, new socks, new clothes….who cares if you can keep Patience focused as long as she looks good.  LOL NOT!!

We’ve got all that under control now and are sailing smoothly.

Since they kids are away during the day I have been doing some stitching…

Primitive Betty’s freebie.

Stash Nash pattern.

And in the works for my Mom is this Blackbird Designs freebie:

Oh how I love the look of cross stitch, I just wish it didn’t take so long.  Wonder if there is a way to make my sewing machine do it for me? hehehe =)~

I’ve also started the late-for-me fall decorating. It’s coming along slowly but surely.

While out antiquing with Mom this weekend we saw these really awesome chairs that had fabric woven seats.  Wouldn’t these  look great in a sewing studio?

We keep thinking we want to go back and get them, or maybe make our own?

I also found two cute  vintage planters for my sewing room…I couldn’t resist.

I better go get stitching!

Later Gators, Melissa

Talking your ear off



I started a  Yoga class yesterday.  Since I haven’t exercised since 1980… I’m feeling a little sore today.  It was really fun actually, can’t wait for next week to do it again! The BG came home from work yesterday with a Yoga mat for me (I think he was worried I would chicken out, and if he bought the mat then I would have to go!)  So sometime today I think I am going to make myself this:


It’s a free pattern from Amy Butler (just click on the pic to go to her free patterns.)

Then I will be a stylin’ yoga momma!! LOL


Thanks to my friend Jane, who used to work with me at the quilt shop, I have been hooked on the Faefever series.  Have you read these books?  The new one FINALLY came out in August and I was just now able to get it from the library. Apparently SOMEONE is reading them, because they had six copies and I had to wait forevah to get one!!

It’s pretty juicy so far, loving it! (Did you read it yet Jane?)

Apparently the  rights have been purchased by some studio (can’t remember which) to make a movie!



In the sewing room I am working on my Disappearing Nine Patch blocks for Jane’s swap, and the rest of my blocks for the Signature block exchange.

jjkla; 005


Mom and me

blog mom and me

My Mom retired this year after 100 years of driving a school bus. Anyone who knows my Mom, knows that she LOVES to work!  So I knew that when it came time for all the other school bus drivers to go back to work she was going to be a little sad.   We decided to have a day during the week when we have a Mother/Daughter Hang Out day, so she would have somewhere to go to get her out of the house.  My Dad has golf, now Mom has Me ! LOL

One of the things we decided to do was to get ourselves organized.  So yesterday on Mother/Daughter Hang Out day we used this book:


to get a good start.  We made out all our index cards and are supposed to start today on our daily cleaning schedule.

I’ll let you know how it goes. LOL

Later Gators! Melissa

Wine Party a smashing success!

wine 018


We had a lovely time preparing and enjoying our wine tasting party Saturday evening. The BG and I had so much fun setting it up and cooking up some crazy foods we had never tried. The BG actually did all the cooking. I just cut up the breads and cheeses and made the chocolate covered strawberries.

wine 011


We had about 10 different kind of cheeses.  Blueberry cobbler chedder, cranberry cheddar, tomato basil, smoked cheddar, extra sharp cheddar, olive cheese, onion and chive….yummmmm.


wine 012




The BG made Bruscetta with Crostini, Stuffed Figs with Gorgonzolla, Sauted Mushrooms with grilled pollenta.  They were all prepared with fresh herbs. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of his food. It was sooooo super delicious!

Here he is smelling the Thyme.

wine 009

Here is the Hor’dourves table sans Hor’dourves

wine 004


We also served 5 different fresh loaves of bread with two types of olive oil for dipping. We made one with Tuscany spices and one with rosemary.

wine 017

And of course plenty of grapes and olives!

wine 019

wine 005

wine 020


It was truely a wonderful night, but the BG and I both had two HUGE wine headaches this morning!!

Christmas Eve


 Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a shawl. But it warmed more than your body. It warmed your heart… filled it, too, with a melody that would last forever. – Bess Streeter Aldrich

Happy Christmas Eve!!!  Wishing you and your family all the blessings of Christmas.

We at the Lussier Townhouse are going to be waiting all giggly in bed for Santa to come tonight =)

Snow Day


The one-thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband. – Joan Rivers


Well the first snow day is upon us.  You would think I would check the school listings BEFORE I get the kids all dressed and ready to go. I remembered to do that last year.  This year? Not so much. So I had them marching out to the bus stop before I thought, “Man it looks really snowy, maybe I should check the school listings.” Apparently there is supposed to be an inch an hour. That’s alot of snow!!




What is normally a joyous occasion, who doesn’t like a snow day, has the kids and I am bummed that TODAY of all days is a snow day.

They, because it was their last day of school before break, their Christmas party at school ,AND pajama day!!

Here they are all pajama-ed up and ready to party:



I, because it was a HUGE sale at work today. 40% off fabric, buy 1 get one free books, 20% off notions.  I feel so bad for my boss who worked hard to prepare and now will probably be very slow AND I can’t go in to work =(  I love working sales. They are fun days. So if you live in Michigan go out to Quilt N Go, if not today, tomorrow to shop till you drop. I am thinking she will probably extend the sale a bit due to the snow storm.




Yesterday was the girls’ Christmas program at school. They were so adorable.  The lighting was really bad so I didn’t get very good pictures.






Their school sure isn’t afraid to call Christmas =Christmas, and sing about the reason for the season. I was very pleased about that.  Seems like everyone  these days is so afraid to offend people by celebrating Christmas. I am not offended by Hanuka or Ramadan what-so-ever so why don’t they just leave Christmas alone too! LOL


later gaters! melissa

Sony, Chris, and I. A love story.


I have always been a dog lover. When Chris and I were first married I decided I wanted a Jack Russell Terrier. Our conversation went something like this:


Melissa: Hey Chris, lets get a Jack Russell, they are sooo cute.

Chris: Are you nuts?

Melissa: No.

Chris: Absolutely not, I don’t want a dog.

Melissa: Pleeeeaaaassseee!

Chris: Let me think about it.


He always uses the “let me think about it” line when he is trying to get me to forget about it. I was relentless in my pursuit (as always.) He finally told me to do all the research about this breed of dog and then he would decided if he would join me in getting excited.  I bought 2 books on Jack’s and visited all the web sites I could find.  It probably wasn’t such a good idea as all the info I had gathered pointed in one direction: DON’T GET A JACK RUSSELL, unless:

  1. You are crazy.
  2. You have an enormous fenced in yard. A 20-foot impenetrable fence, that is.


Okay, okay we lived in a tiny 500 square foot cabin that we were renting. There were no fences, lots of wooded land with poison ivy growing everywhere and a lake. Okay, I will give up the dream. Chris was satisfied that the dog issue was dropped.


A month or two later Chris called me from his sister’s apt in Ann Arbor.


Chris: Are you sitting down?

Melissa: No

Chris: I have a Jack Russell for you.

Melissa: OMG!!! NO WAYYYYYY.


While he was getting the door for the pizza delivery guy, there was a girl standing there with a Jack on a leash. She was asking the pizza guy if he wanted to take the dog. She had just got back from the humane society, but they were closed.  She had paid $1000 for her, but she just couldn’t take care of her in the apt anymore. Chris told her, “ Oh no that is the dog that my wife wants. The exact coloring and everything. Let me call her.”


The next day we drove back to Ann Arbor to pick her up.  The girl told us her name was Sony. Sony was PERFECT!! The cutest dog I had ever seen =)


 That was 9 years ago this coming October. Since that time Sony has filled our lives with JOY, anger, craziness, LOVE, licking, chasing, barking, and happiness. She was our first daughter. She also is a testament to how my husband always tries to make me happy and how he always makes me feel loved and taken care of.


Here’s a conversation for a week or two ago:


Melissa: Honey, I think we should adopt another child. Maybe a baby.

Chris: Are you nuts?

Melissa: No

Chris: Let me think about it.



Later gators! Melissa