Repurposed Series #2

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Hi blogland!

Do you have your Thanksgiving grocery shopping list all made?  I can’t wait for that late night  left over turkey sandwich and a Christmas movie (usually my Mom’s favorite It’s a Wonderful Life!) It’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

This will be the first year in 42 years that I haven’t had Thanksgiving with my Mom and Dad.  My Mom has always, always, always hosted Thanksgiving for the whole extended family.  However, Mom is still in Texas caring for my uncle, and Dad is flying out to be with her.  That leaves my brother and I as orphans (cry.) All the other aunts, uncles, and cousins decided to do it with their own families.

As luck would have it a part of my “other family,” my college friend family, texted and asked if we wanted to do Thanksgiving together. AWESOME!  So I will be putting on my big girl pants and hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house for one of my best friends from college and her family. Our kids are about the same age and love being together, and of course she is like a sister to me, so we’re very excited and happy to be spending the holiday with them.



Speaking of Holidays, I have a new little holiday repurpose for you today that came from my Mom’s idea.

I bet you’ve all seen these antique buck saws around here and there.(I forgot to take a before photo so this one is borrowed from etsy.)

5221Mom bought one and put it in her sewing room to hang a quilt on. I took it a little step further and decided to Christmas-fiy it!

A burlap bow and swag added to the top with floral wire dresses it right up!

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If you are going to hang a quilt from the blade, you will want to wrap some sort of padding (old fabric,newspaper, old towel, etc) around the blade the width of your quilt,  and wrap in duct tape.  This will protect your quilt from being damaged by the saw teeth.

I think it would also look great with a red wool blanket, or towels (in the kitchen, or bath) hanging from the blade too!

cornbreadandbeansblog 036Later gators!



Repurosed Series #1

Howdy! Hope your weekend was lovely.

We were very low key around these parts.  The BG and I were going it solo while the kids stayed at Gramma Cathy’s house this weekend.   We decided to go on an Arts and Eats tour around West Michigan on Saturday.  We stopped at mostly antique and junk stores though, cause that’s what I love.

We’re hunting and gathering stuff to do our bedroom makeover with!!!  I’m so excited to get started, but we have a lot of wood collecting to do.

Since we have many re-purpose projects up our sleeves, I thought I would start a little series sharing some ideas for re-purposing items.


Today’s re-purpose is this old laundry plunger we found at the cutest little antique store in Hickory Corners, MI called Hickory Hollow.  Isn’t that a romantic name?

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The BG said, ” what the heck do you want a dirty old plunger for?”


Well my first inclination was to hang a quilt from it.

You could use some jute or an old canning lid to hang a quilt.

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Or why not a wreath hanger, which is how it’s being used right now.

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PicMonkey Collage

A cool little piece of history, re-purposed!

Later gators!