Filling an awkward space

We have a wonderful little nook in our dinning room where there’s lots of light and a nice view.

We didn’t want to fill that space with furniture because it would block the windows, but it looked funny with nothing there.

This is where a handy Father comes in, well…handy!  Dad measured the area and built a nice long bench for us to use as a window seat.

If you don’t have a handy Father, I have seen people turn old coffee tables into upholstered benches.

Since I do have a handy, and generous Father mine got delivered a few days ago.

Here is what it looked like after I attached, with spray adhesive, some left-over 5 inch foam from making  the Shasta cushions.

Next I went to price out upholstery fabric. I couldn’t commit to a pattern I loved so I decided to use a plain off white fabric.  It was going to be around $70.00.  But then I have a DING DONG go off in my head and I remembered seeing people use drop cloths for all kinds of upholstering and drapery projects.  Right next to the fabric store is a hardware store so I decided to check it out.  I got two LARGE drop cloths for $6.00 a piece…yep that was the way to go!

  While the drop cloths were washing and drying I draped the bench in fluffy poly batting, pinned the corners, trimmed to about a 1/2 inch,  and sewed them up.

Next I turned the batting right side out and using a staple gun, stapled the batting all around the base.

Then I flipped the bench over and painted the legs, and added felt pads to the bottom (which I should have done first, but forgot about them since I was too excited to start sewing LOL.)

I ironed the drop clothes and started by centering the top and repeating the pin/sew step just like the batting.

After I made and added the piping, I sewed a box pleat skirt and sewed that on.

We think it fits so nicely here in the window alcove!

The best part is we can drag it around wherever we need extra seating!

Later gators!