New Tote and some head scratchers


I cut into my Maker fabric this weekend to make this really fun bag.  The pattern is the 241 Tote by Noodlehead.  You can buy it here.

Usually I’m pretty good at figuring out how to make stuff without a pattern, but I kept staring at all the awesome pictures of this bag on the net and thinking, “how in the world does that go together?” It was driving me crazy trying to figure it out in my head, so I finally just bought it. I am glad I did! What a nice pattern. I’m sure I’ll make many more.


I changed it up a little by piecing the main bag panel and I added grommets and a leather handle with swivel clips.  I scored a really nice bag of leather scraps at the craft store for 7 bucks (and I had a 40 percent off coupon which made it even cheaper!)  So now I have lots and lots of leather for purse straps. Cool!

side story:  while I was hammering in the grommets I kept thinking, don’t hammer your thumb Melissa!! don’t hammer your thumb!!! I totally hammered my thumb.  It was all swollen and throbbing like a Fred Flintstone cartoon.

Speaking of head scratchers,  a few other things have had me thinking hmmmm? lately too.

One is this pillow. m_T2YoJAg9dORJ-LbrkDjGgI love it. I keep seeing it in Home decorating pictures. It’s totally an album block right? We can make a quilty one! But for some reason my brain took forever to figure it out because all the album blocks I’ve ever made are just one row of “steps.”  Then I thought maybe you make in like an Irish chain? no  Maybe like a trip around the world? no  You have to make the album block but instead of making the block you make the whole thing at once laying out all the pieces and sewing long rows.  Right? Or is there an easier way? Maybe I’ve confused you as much as myself. LOL!!!!! =)

Two is my house.

house pic

We’re having it scraped and painted the 3rd week of May. You would think it would be fun to pick out new house colors….but it’s a nightmare. We have to live with it for 10 years, what if it’s ugly??? Part of the reason is we have to keep the trim dark and the body light or it would cost 30 % more. We both hate the red, but can’t figure out a good color scheme. We’re spending a small fortune on sample pots to try out and none of them have worked. I thought we nailed it this weekend with a light gray body, dark gray outer trim and a darker, browner red inner trim.  And here is the crazy man I live with….it reminded him of Ohio State colors and he wont have people saying that to him.   Who would see a house and think of sports? UGGG, men. Any suggestions? (about the house, not the man. hehehe)

Hope you have a great week!


p.s. I’ve been using Instagram a lot lately. I’d love it if you want to add me and I’ll add you back!  I’m: lussier1971

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6 comments on “New Tote and some head scratchers

  1. Nancy Foland says:

    Your house could be painted more than 2 colors. It looks like it could do with two accents colors, your house looks historic. Make it look that way. That would even be more decisions. Go to Sherman Williams at look at their historic colors. They have pamphlets of the colors already chosen to match. I live in a pre civil war house. I go only to Sherman Williams. By the way love your quilting.

  2. Judy says:

    Greens were popular during the era that your house was built. How about your grey with a couple of shades of green. Either a forest or olive tone would work.

  3. Becky T says:

    Dark Chocolate brown…for the trim
    light Milk choclate or Latté Mocha for the house?
    Hard to go wrong with chocolate !!!!

  4. Mary says:

    House colors are always so hard. Good luck..

    I LOVE the bag, but hope the thumb feels better soon.

  5. Linda H says:

    I believe there is a computer application where you can scan in a picture of your house and then “paint” it with different colors to see what the effects would be. I’m going to PM you some information that I think you’ll find helpful. You have a very nice house, by the way 😉 Linda

  6. Linda H says:

    BTW … DH was a paint chemist for 40+ years and I’m going to forward some of his suggestions to you via PM. Linda

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