Sewing Room Makeover

c and beans sewing room 026

Let’s talk about how wonderful sewing/craft rooms are for a minute. Is there a more important room in the house? I think not! I mean sure I like to eat, so kitchens are good, but I like to sew more!!  In my house it is the one room that no one else goes, so that means it’s ALL MINE. Can I get a WOO HOO!   If ever I need an escape, I just go in, close the door, then peace and tranquility is mine all mine.

We spend so very much time in our sewing/craft rooms, so why not make them as personal, and as best as they can be.  If that means painting the walls hot pink, or displaying your kitschy collection of Florida souvenir shell art I say Go For It Girl! You don’t have to be a grown up in this room, it’s alllll yours.

Now if all that is sounding a bit selfish, to that I say:

1.  there are way too many sharp objects in a sewing room for kids and the clumsy to be let in.

2. you do so much for everyone, treat yo self!

To make my sewing room the best it could be I took stock of the things that were bothering me.

listOkay these issues are very fixable without having to bust the budget. Paint is a cheap fix, employing my husband and kid to take out the bed was free, I had an old t.v. cabinet my dad built me in the basement for storage, and I shopped around for fabric and a light fixture with more wattage than the one 60 watt bulb that was in there.

I only realized now that I was a bad blogger and didn’t take real before photos. I snapped some iphone shots mid-painting. Everything looks really more of a mess than it normally would be,  but these horrid pictures will give you an idea of the before.

PicMonkey CollageIMG_2927

There was a twin bed in the room that we thought we would need for guests, but in the 2 years we’ve lived here it’s only been used about 3 times.  This room shares a closet with our bed room (it passes through the end of the hallway) and it was so hard to get into that my scrap baskets kept dumping over and everything was a mess in there. So taking out the bed to make room for a storage piece was essential, and moving the cutting table station away from the wall allowed me even more storage in the opening in back. There are rolling drawers under the top of the cutting table.

I drew out a little layout that I thought would give me more space for laying quilts out on the floor.

Sewing Room layoutIt’s not a big room, but I think I have maximized the space was well as I know how.

c and beans sewing room 010

The new cutting area with storage under and access from the window wall side:

c and beans sewing room 013

Sewing table remained in the same area due to the electrical.

c and beans sewing room 020

c and beans sewing room 027

c and beans sewing room 028

My little bitty desk.

c and beans sewing room 022

c and beans sewing room 024

With my prized Florida shell art.  It’s so pretty and sparkly in real life, it’s hard to capture in a picture.

c and beans sewing room 032

c and beans sewing room 220

c and beans sewing room 025

The t.v. cabinet turned scraps and what-not’s storage.

c and beans sewing room 006

c and beans sewing room 002

The hutch with a fresh coat of paint. It holds my ironing supplies because I usually have the ironing board right in front of it nice and close to where I sew.

c and beans sewing room 038

 I built this little faux fur covered window bench with a piece of wood, some retro looking wooden legs painted with Martha Stewart metallic paint, some foam, and faux fur. It’s waiting for a cute pillow to be made for it.

c and beans sewing room 037

The cute new light fixture that gives off twice the light as before! 150 watts baby!!! hahaha

c and beans sewing room 054

Would I still like to rip that wood paneling off, calk the trim around the top, fix the cracking ceiling? Sure, but those weren’t on the list! LOL

It’s still looks much better.

c and beans sewing room 046

c and beans sewing room 047

I hope my little sewing room redo has inspired someone out there to do a little refresh of your own space!

Later gators,


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A Modern Take on Cafe Curtains

Project Sewing Room Redo is moving right along.  Even my iphone got a cute sewing themed makeover a little bit ago!

c and beans sewing room 037

I have finished the new curtains, put a fresh coat of paint on the storage furniture, made a new ironing board cover (finally!! OMGOSH when I took the old one off it literally stood up by itself from all the starch and grime.)   I am waiting on my fuchsia chandelier to arrive before doing some after photos. It’s looking much lighter and brighter!

The previous owner had sewn simple blinds from cream linen and hung them like a cafe curtain. That is what I’ve lived with in the space. And here you also get a glimpse of the horrifying green  and nasty beige paint!


Since it is a sewing room AND on the second floor, there really is no need for full blinds or curtains.  I actually love the extra light that comes from having the top portion of the window uncovered.

I wanted to stick with a cafe type curtain, but didn’t want anything ruffly.   Something a little more that just a chunk of fabric hanging there like before was needed though.

I decided to make just one box pleat in the middle and let the print of the fabric be the “design.” They are lined with white cotton on the back.

c and beans sewing room 003

I think they turned out looking pretty cool and modern!

c and beans sewing room 004

I had just enough left over to make two skinny panels for the other window to bring some pattern to that wall.

Kitschy Sewing Room Craft

ornament plaque

In between coats of paint drying on my re-purposed storage furniture for the sewing room, I’ve been putting the shelves back up, and putting things back ON the shelves.

I stumbled across this kitschy little project and thought I’d share.

It’s probably the easiest craft EVER.

The deer head was my Christmas ornament this year, but it was so cute I couldn’t pack it away, so I threw it in my sewing room instead. When I came across it today I thought HEY! I should hang this up.

You could use an ornament, an old toy, a pez dispenser, anything fun that you like.  Mount it in a frame for some funky wall art for your sewing room.

I hate it when people say this, but I really DID have all the stuff to make it laying around. If you are a sewer/crafter I bet you do too.


I cut a piece of scrapbook paper, glued it to the cardboard back of my little pink  dollar bin frame from the craft store.  I used E600 to glue the deer head in the middle.

Wha-lah! Instant kitch:

ornament plaque

Incidentally, while I was looking up how to spell kitsch, I read the definition.  Apparently kitsch is considered something in poor taste but appreciated in an ironic way.  Huh, and all this time I was appreciating kitsch completely non-ironically.

Beating the winter blahs

It’s tough to get motivated in January when the funds are low from Christmas expenses, and it too dang cold to go outside.

 I’ve wallowed around as much as I can without going full blow cabin fever crazy. So a few days ago while I was in my sewing room trying to straighten it up, I decided it was time for a makeover. A project is just what I need to beat the winter blahs!!

Paint is not too expensive, right? It’s especially not too expensive if it saves me from going crazy!! LOL At least that is what I told The BG.

After we bought our house, and before we even moved in, we HAD to paint the sewing room. It was the first thing we did.  The room was old wood paneling, not a pretty kind, the ugly 70’s kind. And the window wall was that horrible 80’s forest green.  We were broke (of course) so I just used some paint that was already on hand.  It’s a really ugly cream color that looks like it used to be white but someone smoked cigars around it for 100 years.  We ran out before we got to the window wall, so that has remained the ugly forest green.

But that is all changing as we speak.


I painted all day yesterday and will finish up today.  I brought a storage piece up from the basement for a makeover. I will rearrange the furniture, make new curtains, and solve my closet, and lighting problem

Please come back for some before and after photos… after the  new light and curtain fabric get here.  Those two things are going into the budget next paycheck (don’t tell The BG!!!)

p.s Just kidding The BG knows all.

p.p.s. The BG is happy to make me happy.

p.p.p.s I love him.

My dream light

I’ve fallen in love…with a light fixture.

It all started out innocently enough. I was searching cyber land for a new light fixture for the kitchen.  Currently there is a circa 1979 ceiling fan in there that would make a grown man cry from the shear pain its ugliness casts upon the eyes.

Then I saw it. Love at first sight.  Even though it would not go in my kitchen, it sure would look beautiful in my piano room, or maybe my dining room?

F1285Troy Lighting Sausalito 5 Light Chandelier

Here’s the picture that made me fall in love:


Only problem is that the lowest price I have found it for is $722.00.

Eh…yeah. I guess I’ll keep dreaming!

Later gators,


Winter Fun Vignette

Cornbread and Beans Blog 003

The table near the entry got spruced up for a winter’s day of play. Vintage thermos’s, picnic bag, woolie blanket, ice skates, and a shiny red lantern in case you stay out too late.

Cornbread and Beans Blog 004

If  you are going to skate you’re going to have to throw out the greens first! HA

Cornbread and Beans Blog 006

Have a great weekend! Are you doing any Christmas things?


Are you sick of Christmas pictures yet?

cornbread and beans quilting 123

All the blogs I read are sharing Christmas decorating and I’m already done decorating for this year, dang it. I love reading blogs that share Christmas decorating, but I usually like to look at them in October when I’m generating ideas for the upcoming season.  But that is just silly, people don’t decorate for Christmas in October just to blog about it, do they? If they do let me know, I’ll add them to my list! =)That’s one of the great things about Pinterest, you can look up Christmas decorating all year long.

  So if you are sick of peoples Holiday Home tours, maybe you can bookmark this for next year? Read it in October  hehehe.

I’m adding my dining room pictures today.

cornbread and beans quilting 005

Cornbread and Beans quilting 117

cornbread and beans quilting 009

Cornbread and Beans quilting 019

Cornbread and Beans quilting 006

Thank you for reading! I hope you are enjoying the best season of the year!!!!

We are off to do a little shopping and then spend the weekend doing fun family Christmas stuff.

Later gators,