The Wool Quilt Questions Answered


( picture of wool top before quilting and binding)

I had quite a few emails asking for specifics about the wool quilt, so I thought I would jot down the answers here for anyone else wondering.

***some people that I already emailed back I made a mistake in telling you the amount of patches in the rows. Sorry =(

Here are the simple instructions :  the wool patches are 5 x 7 1/2 inches and just sewn into rows. I sewed the wool just like I would sew with cotton fabric.  I made the rows 7 patches wide x 13 patches long. You could certainly make the quilt larger , just use more patches in each row. I used a high loft batting,  minky fabric on the back , and just stitched in the ditch vertically only for the quilting.  I used a black homespun for the binding.  It makes a nice heavy and thick little throw quilt that measures about 49 x 58.5 inches.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 004

Hope this helps!!


Latest Obession

Cornbread and Beans quilting 011

I am LOVING crocheting rag rugs! It’s so fun, in fact, that it may lead me to crocheting a new wardrobe.  Want some crocheted pants anyone? There is something very soothing about the motions.  Maybe it brings me back to a favorite memory of being home sick when I was a little girl.  My Mom was a bus driver and had to do her afternoon bus run, so she showed me how to crochet a chain stitch to keep busy while she was gone.  When she got back I had chained the whole skein of yarn!! We still giggle about that now and then.

Other than my prosperous beginnings with crocheting way back then, I had never made anything.  It’s super easy and a few you tube videos had me going in a heartbeat.  After a small version for the camper, I decided I would make one up for the front porch. I dug into my homespuns for this one.

Here’s my fall version on the front porch:

cornbread and beans quilting 013

Then I decided I missed crocheting and decided to go to the salvation army and picked out some table cloths and sheets and made a Christmas version for the front porch too!

Cornbread and Beans quilting 003

It only cost me $15.00 for the Christmas version, compared to the yards and yards of fabric I used for the fall version which translates into BIG MONEY with the price of fabric.   I’m deducing that it’s much cheaper to go with  cast off sheets and table cloths from thrift shops.  If I were a true old school rag rugger I would use our old clothes and things, but that’s just too much work.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 012

I also finished up my all wool quilt that had been languishing in the closet.

Cornbread and Beans quilting 004

When I first finished this quilt  top I had visions of it being used at football games.  It had it’s first trip a few weekends ago when our family went to the CMU Homecoming! I’m happy to say it is the best football quilt ever!

PicMonkey Collage

We camped in Mt. Pleasant with my best buds from college and had a blast tailgating and watching the Mighty Chips win the game.  I had to wear 2 coats to keep from freezing, but it was well worth it!

Later Gators!


Shasta 1500

I thought it was time I share a Shasta Update.  We aren’t done with the fix up completely.  There are odds and ends like adding shasta wings, putting on our new side lights we order from Vintage Trailer Supply, making curtains for the kitchenette, making an awning… man it sounds like a lot now that I write it out. LOL

 I was going to try and not paint the interior, but in the end I just crave a bright white interior, so paint it I did. I’m so glad. It is just so much more bright and crisp.

I’m including some before and afters for fun.

Dinette Area:

dining before and after

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 011

I used a vintage table cloth for the front window and made curtains for all the other windows accept the kitchenette.  I also tried my hand at making an atomic clock!

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 009

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 012

Kitchenette Area:

kitchette before and after

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 015

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 019

Rear Couch/Bed Area:

rear before and after

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 024

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 030

I added a little shelf so that I could display my little pink radio and phone!

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 001

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 003

Exterior (so far, not finished)

Exterior before and after

cornbread and beans quilting Shasta makeover 039

We’ve got one more camping trip planned for this year then we’ll be selling this Shasta in the spring.  We would like an older model, so if your interested let me know!

Later gators!


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The new Shasta sneak peak

I’m planning to take some photos tomorrow while it’s sunny of the new Shasta interior. I finished sewing the new cushion covers awhile ago.  I’ve been playing around making vintage table cloth pillows, a twig camp sign,  and a crouched rag rug. FUN FUN.  And check out the vintage pink phone I found while antique shopping…so sweet…it make me feel like Gidget. =)

Here’s a quick i phone snapshot of the rear couch:

shasta sneak peak cornbread and beans quilting

Change on the horizon

Canada Creek Ranch 043

It’s definitely time for a check in!

It’s been a mighty fine summer. I am feeling, just as I have last few years, very sad to see it go.

PicMonkey Collage1

Perhaps even more so this year with the impending polar vortex that is scheduled by mother nature to come through Michigan in September, and the insane winter we had last year.

PicMonkey Collage2

It must be my age that has changed my outlook on the seasons.  I can remember longing for fall, and being so pumped up for football and orchard weather.  NOT NOW!!!   I think I would be down right content if summer lasted for 8 months, then winter and fall could each take two months apiece.

Canada Creek Ranch 053

I find myself extremely reluctant to battle snow and ice these days, and now understand my Mom’s distaste for fall.  It’s not autumns fault, it’s just that it’s the harbinger of winter.  But I will clam my worries by living in the moment, and enjoying all that summer has left to offer. Surely the beautiful scents, and colors of fall will carry me through the frozen tundra until spring.  If not there’s always Florida, hehe, am I right?

We’re working on the Shasta and I’m excited to share some pictures very soon! We’re almost done, just finishing up the exterior paint job and ordering the Shasta wings.

This summer has been the “try new quilt blocks” summer for me, as far as quilting goes.

I became fascinated by,  and enamored with log cabin pineapple blocks. So I ordered up a Craftsy class and template and started one of my own.  I have some borders to plan and add, but I like it so far.

cornbread and beans quilting 027

I pieced together a few online tutorials, and added some of my own math to make a “Victory Garden” knock off.  It was on my quilt bucket list. Check!

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Co 009

I’m finishing up the last rows of this kaleidoscope block quilt.  I ordered the kaleido ruler a month back, and couldn’t wait to try it.  They are fun little blocks.

cornbread and beans quilting 022

We have a week left until school starts and I’m interviewing for an “out of the house” job this week.

Yikes, changes are a coming!


Digging in the dirt

Cornbread and Beans Blog 044

If your not into gardens you might want to skip this one.  Tons of baby garden pic’s ahead!!

We’ve been diligently working on our landscaping since the snow melted.   If only we had a million bucks right? We’ve got grand plans, but they involve  loads of dirt, rocks, driveway ashfault,  plants, trees, and bushes  that are just not in the budget.  We remind ourselves often: one step at a time. =)

I ran across this photo taken a few days before we moved in to our house and it did make me feel better.  What a jungle, you couldn’t even see the front stairs!!

PicMonkey Collage

We cleared out all the overgrown flora and fauna and planted two manageable boxwood bushes in front. They are still babies, but will hopefully grown to nice round big guys.

There are very few sunny spots on our property to plant the flowers I love unless we just plopped a garden bed in the middle of nowhere!! Which I just might do someday.  But there are three spots.  The first is right behind our house.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 005

This bed is filled with purple coneflower, blackeyed susans, purple salvia, moonbeam coreopsis, lambs ear, sedum, shasta daisy, and some lillys that are just about to bloom.  Can’t wait!!

I had an extra ladder around so I threw it out here to hold my garden tools

Cornbread and Beans Garden 001

Just around the  corner on the side of the house is another sunny spot. Unfortunately this is also where all the electric and meter reading doo dads are.  Nothing messes up your pretty garden pictures like electric boxes. hehehe

This bed is pretty much all new plants this year with the exception of the spider wart, lilly, and roses.

Cornbread and Beans Blog 036

Cornbread and Beans Garden 008

The roses were so pretty this year!! I just cut them back and hope to see another bloom.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 012

I used to think spider wart was just a weed, but it does look pretty in the morning when the flowers are open.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 002

Our new additions to the bed are:  Foxglove getting read to burst open.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 013

5 new hollyhocks

Cornbread and Beans Garden 010

A baby purple salvia

Cornbread and Beans Garden 003

I forgot what this is called but I love the wispy stems these purple flowers bloom on.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 015

There are two new of these things that I can’t remember either! Ha I think it’s in the pinks or carnation family??

Cornbread and Beans Garden 004

And one of these English moss rose plants

Cornbread and Beans Garden 800

It will be exciting to watch this bed fill out.

The other tiny little sun spot we have is at the right end of our shade garden.  There is a Rose of Sharon bush growing there  and another dratted day lilly (we have both of those ALL OVER and have to keep digging them out.)

I just planted some new sun lovers there this weekend.

A pink yarrow, purple Jacobs ladder, two delphiniums that are about to pop open and a hibiscus.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 039

The shade garden still needs some filling out but we are so pleased and geeky about our hostas!! We go out to watch them grow all the time.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 031

Cornbread and Beans Garden 041

One addition in the shade garden we are excited about is this scottish plant.  It’s the prettiest green with tiny white flowers.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 047

We are trying our hand at a veggie garden this year. We put it out in the side yard.  We’re not sure if it will get enough light, but as I mentioned we are light challenged around here.  We planted tomatoes, cukes, cabbage, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, green pepper, onion, and sugar snap peas.

Cornbread and Beans Garden 044

The peas are climbing like champs!

Cornbread and Beans Garden 046

And the cauliflower is starting to make heads!!!

Cornbread and Beans Garden 045

Doesn’t take much to thrill us with our first veggie patch!! HAHAHA

Probably our biggest gardening feats to date is FINALLY getting grass to grow around our patio and fire pit!!! YAAYYY!

Cornbread and Beans Garden 021

We have plans to clear out the weedy mess along our driveway today.  I better go find some bandaids for my blisters!!

Cornbread and Beans Blog 045

Later gators!